Students take the Accuplacer and CELSA placement exams at the Testing Services Center.

Study Resources

Accuplacer Placement Testing 

  • Collegeboard allows students to practice using a test prep web-based app. To access this app you will need to put in your email address and create a password. Once you are on the site choose "Classic Practice Tests" that is the type of Accuplacer testing MCCCD uses. This app does not have practice materials for the Writeplacer portion of the exam. You will have access to the Math and Reading portions only;
  • Collegeboard also has created a practice Accuplacer that has small examples of what may be on the exam. The ESL and Sentence Skills portions are not on the exam.  This, as well as the web-based app, are used to help during the in-person test prep workshops hosted by the Center for Learning;
  • Collegeboard has a practice Writeplacer (.pdf) specifically for the Writeplacer portion of the exam only. Visit these examples for a writing style guide, practice writing prompts, and a scoring rubric. This helps students know what it takes to reach a certain score on the WritePlacer exam;
  • GCC has free Accuplacer test prep workshops given in the Center for Learning available for all students. If you are interested in attending an Accuplacer test prep workshop for any portions of the exams please go to the Center for Learning's web page for more information. 


Picking the right answer to test questions is half of what a student needs to know when taking a test. Knowing how to select the correct answer on a computer also ensures success:

  • Visit CELSA online examples to practice selecting the correct answer on a computer;
  • GCC also has a CELSA sample test (.pdf) of questions to help students prepare for the content of the exam;
  • The Center for Learning offers drop-in help for anyone that needs help learning basic computer skills to navigate the CELSA test.

Biology Assessment

The major topics covered on the Biology placement tests are outlined in the course description. Prepare for your test by reviewing these concepts in the book, "Biology: Concepts and Connections" (on reserve in the GCC Library) or another general Biology textbook.

Chemistry Assessment

The major topics covered on the Chemistry placement tests are outlined in the course description. Prepare for your test by reviewing these concepts in the book, "Introductory Chemistry: Concepts & Connections" by Charles H. Corwin.


  • Free study materials from Union Test Prep. This website has practice tests, flashcards, and study guides;
  • Nursing Exam Prep Info provides free study materials for several nursing exams;
  • The HESI A2 study book is available for purchase in our bookstore or via Elsevier online. Copies of the study book are on reserve in the GCC Library.


Any PN NCLEX review book will help to prepare. These books are available for students to purchase through third party companies. 


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