The Computer Commons in High Tech 1 include Mac and PC computers for students to use.

Student Webspace


Glendale Community College allows students to publish personal content on a website. eGCC webspace supports HTML, CSS and Javascript. Dynamic sites, like PHP or Perl sites, are not supported. 

To edit your webspace: Go to the public.www folder of your “H:” drive.  Learn more about how to access your “H:” drive.

To view your webspace: Go to your personal page URL. Your personal page URL is" where "~MEID" is your MEID, for example:" .

Usage Policy

Students must follow MCCCD Technology Resource Standards that specify any website published by the college, including student site, be limited to "educational, research, service, operational, and management purposes of the Maricopa County Community College District."  This means you are responsible for everything on your website, and by creating your web page, you agree to the guidelines outlined in the Technology Resource Standards.

The home page of every site must include a specific legal disclaimer, or a link to a page with the exact language, displayed in a conspicuous manner. We encourage web authors to link to the District’s disclaimer page with the words "Legal Disclaimer” at the bottom of their homepage.

To Build Your Website

You'll need to know:

  1. Your MEID Username;
  2. How to access your “H” drive;
  3. Some knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) programming language. Tutorials can be found on the Internet by doing a quick search for “HTML W3.”
  4. How to use an HTML editor program (or Windows notepad);
  5. Name your home page "index.html" so that browsers can find your directory.