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Prepare and Study For Test

Do you need to take placement tests? Yes, if:

  • You are attending college for the first time (and do not have prior college credit) AND
  • You want to earn an associate’s degree or transfer to a college/university to complete a bachelor’s degree

Students who place into developmental courses are required to begin their course sequences within the first two semesters as well as CPD150 during their first semester. 

Here's a test you can't fail...but you CAN study for!

The Accuplacer Next Generation (reading, writing, and math) and CELSA (English language) placement tests are tools that help GCC advisors determine which classes are best for you.

See the MCCCD steps to prepare for placement tests for more information, tips and sample questions. Use the Accuplacer Next Generation study guides and resources (pdf) and take a CELSA practice test.

The Placement Test is not a pass/fail exam, is untimed and FREE.

When you go:

  • No reservation is needed. Tests are given on a walk-in basis.
  • Bring a photo ID.
  • Bring your eight-digit Student ID number.
  • Bring copies of your unofficial high school transcripts, if you have them.
  • Bring your ACT scores if you have them. You may not have to take the Math portion of the placement test.
  • Allow 2.5 hours to take the ACCUPLACER Next Generation test.
  • Allow 45 minutes to take the CELSA test.

To review your test score, ask for a Course Placement Chart.

The Testing Services department also administers academic course placement and entrance tests in biologynursing and chemistry.


Building: Testing & Student Success Services (TS3)
Phone: (623) 845-3058
Fax: (623) 845-3346
Email: Testing.Services@gccaz.edu
Building: GCCN C-118
Phone: (623) 888-7015
Fax: (623) 888-7041
Email: gcn@gccaz.edu

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