Planning at GCC is based upon six strategic directions and is accomplished through a system of “tiers.”  This tiered approach ensures alignment across the college and with MCCCD.

Tier I

The Integrated Strategic Plan (or Tier I plan) is GCC's college-wide plan and is guided by the members of the Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTFr) with oversight from the Dean of Strategy, Planning & Accountability.  The Tier I Plan is implemented by GCC’s Integrated Resources Planning Committee (IRPC) to ensure the organization’s strategic priorities are fully supported by its resources and informed by its assessment and review efforts.

Tier II

Tier II plans are the strategic plans of the college’s various divisions.  Tier II plans identify division-level strategies that support the realization of the organization’s strategic goals.  Click on any of the following departments to read its Tier II plan:

Academic Affairs Office of Information Technology (OIT) Student Affairs
Office of Strategy, Planning & Accountability (SPA) College Advancement Services  

Tier III

Tier III plans encompass the strategic and/or operational plans of a department. Tier III plans should “roll-up” into the Tier II plans, ensuring that the strategic goals of the organization are realized at every level and that valuable feedback from our ground-level units informs planning efforts from the top-down.  The following resources are available to assist with planning at the Tier III level:

Tier III Planning Template

College Advancement Services

Office of SPA Tier III Plan

GCC Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan


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