Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between scholarships and financial aid?

Scholarships are private donations given by individuals, businesses, organizations, and employees to students in order to pursue academic endeavors. Financial Aid is federal money, awarded to you from the Department of Education.

What kinds of scholarships does GCC offer?

GCC scholarship opportunities open at different times of the year. Some are for specific majors or degree programs, some are need-based, and others are based exclusively on academic merit.

What kind of answers should I provide on my written questions?

Your answers should mention how you meet the minimum requirements for scholarship. Read the essay directions carefully, and write complete sentences. Essay questions often have two or three parts to them, and require you to write 3 or more sentences on each part. If you only write 1 or 2 sentences, you may be disqualified as a candidate for the scholarship. Some scholarships are highly competitive, so make yourself stand out by completing all the instructions. You may be asked to include some personal life experiences, such as your academic efforts thus far, obstacles you have overcome to continue your education, or your hobbies or interests. 

What if my major or program of study is not listed?

If your major or program of study is not listed, select a major that most closely resembles it.

What if I need more help?

You can meet with a Scholarship Expert in the main campus Enrollment Center, or attend a free workshop: Find out when the next free scholarship workshop is happening. For questions about Academic Works scholarships, contact