Scholarships Help You Pay For College

A scholarship is free money to help you cover the costs of college. Apply for all the scholarships you can - there is no limit. Hundreds of scholarships are awarded each year to students based on various criteria: your major, financial need, academic merit, age, race, gender, and more. Don’t miss a chance to earn free money for college.

Nina Mason Pulliam Scholarship

Covers full tuition, fees, books, provides a $2,750 annual living allowance, and provides each student with an academic advisor mentor.

Deadline to apply: March 1, yearly. Do any of these describe you? 

  • Raised in the Child Welfare System, or
  • Have a Physical Disability, or
  • Age 25 or older with dependents?

Apply for the Nina Scholars program.  About the Nina Scholars scholarship. Nina Mason Pulliam Scholarship Online application

Maricopa Foundation Scholarships (privately funded): Apply Feb. 8-28 for Fall 2016

Maricopa Foundation scholarships include privately funded opportunities that are open to all MCCCD students and in some cases, non-Maricopa colleges and universities as well. A FAFSA and verified lawful presence are not eligibility requirements for the majority of Maricopa Foundation scholarships.

When to apply: The Foundation database is open during these dates: You may apply for scholarships for the Fall 2016 semester from Feb. 8-28, 2016. (The application period for Foundations Scholarships for the Spring 2017 semester will open in Sept. 2016.)
Who should apply: Everyone! Criteria varies based on the scholarship, one application will allow you to be considered for all scholarships for which you meet the criteria. So, be sure to take the time to fill out the online application completely.
Where to apply: Foundation Scholarship Application

Video: How To Apply for Scholarships
Before applying to any opportunities, watch this tutorial on tips for completing your scholarship application successfully:


Maricopa Foundation Transfer Scholarships

Online applications accepted March 2-16, 2015 at  Academicworks.

If you are planning to transfer to another college or university, contact their Financial Aid or Scholarship Office to ask about available scholarships. Here are just a few: Arizona State UniversityGrand Canyon UniversityNorthern Arizona University and University of Arizona.

GCC Transfer Scholarships (available in Academic Works)
Title Requirements Amount
English or Journalism teaching English or Journalism Teaching major, three-quarter time enrollment, and a 3.5 GPA transferable to ASU $650
GCC Alumni Endowment Transfer Scholarship GCC graduate or transfer student, 3.25 GPA, and completion of 30 credit hours at GCC $250-$500
Leland & Nancy Stanley Scholarship A GCC graduate who has participated in the GCC Athletic program within the last three years, accepted to attend NAU or ASU, demonstrated financial need, volunteer service and work experience. Preferences will be given to students 22 years of age or older, veterans, and to graduates of Wickenburg High School. Up to $1,500
Diane H. Thomas Scholarship for GCC Alumni A GCC graduating student, 3.0 GPA, transferring to an accredited four-year college or university for the upcoming academic year, and demonstrating financial need. $10,000

GCC Academic Works Scholarships: Currently Closed.

Apply During Fall Semester (dates to come.)

When to apply: Opportunities are available throughout the academic year. 
Who should apply: Everyone! Fill out one application and it is matched against hundreds of scholarships. If you match any scholarships' criteria, you will be automatically considered for an award.
Where to apply: Academic Works



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