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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
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To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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Power, Pat (480) 221-9560
Power, Pat
Powers, Joni Not Provided
Pozniak, Amanda (623) 845-3893
Prather-Carlos, Helen Not Provided
Prey, Jason Not Provided
Priel, Patrick Not Provided
Priorello, Christopher (602) 616-7949
Prouty, Richard (602) 810-4918
Pubins, David Not Provided
Puchta, Steven Not Provided
Pyle, Timothy Not Provided
Pyles, Sheldon Not Provided
Quade, Charissa (602) 540-4264
Quinonez, Louis Not Provided
Quiroga, Jose Not Provided
Quiros-Winemiller, Belgica (623) 845-3744
Quiros-Winemiller, Belgica
Rabideau, Amy (623) 845-3082
Rabideau, Rebecca (623) 845-4905
Racowsky, Layne Not Provided
Radcliffe, Amanda Not Provided
Rademacher, Megan (623) 845-3493
Radisich, Sasha (623) 845-4765
Radossevich, Ted Not Provided
Raffaelle, David
Raffaelle, David (623) 845-3676
Ragan, Timothy Not Provided
Ramani, Anita (623) 845-3160
Ramirez, Monica Not Provided
Ramirez II, Peter Not Provided
Ramsey, Lynette Not Provided
Rand, Travis Not Provided
Randall, Jared Not Provided
Randall, Lawrence Not Provided
Randall, Ryan Not Provided
Ranta, Terry (623) 845-4586
Ranus, Joe (623) 845-3114
Reavis, Robert (623) 845-3277
Reed, Eric Not Provided