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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
The easiest way to find a specific person is to search for their name in the search field at the top, right corner of the web site.  

To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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Library Department
Torres, Frank (623) 845-3904 frank.torres@gccaz.edu
Mathematics Department
Aylward, Richard Not Provided curtis.aylward@gccaz.edu
Baerwald, Kim Not Provided kim.baerwald@gccaz.edu
Bailey, Bob (623) 845-3655 bob.bailey@gccaz.edu
Baker, Dennis (623) 915-8920 dennis.baker@gccaz.edu
Barden, Gary (602) 493-9920 gary.barden@gccaz.edu
Bauer, Allen Not Provided allen.bauer@gccaz.edu
Beaumont, Jonah Not Provided jonah.beaumont@gccaz.edu
Bird, Brian (623) 845-4191 brian.bird@gccaz.edu
Boag, Bonnie Not Provided bonnie.boag@gccaz.edu
Bridges, Corissa (623) 845-3655 corissa.bridges@gccaz.edu
Bright, Jason (623) 845-3215 jason.bright@gccaz.edu
Brooks, Steven (602) 820-7053 steven.brooks@gccaz.edu
Burch, Kristina (623) 845-3479 kristina.burch@gccaz.edu
Burton, Harry Not Provided harry.burton@paradisevalley.edu
Chancey, Judy (623) 845-3655 judith.chancey@gccaz.edu
Chau, Phong (623) 845-4789 phong.chau@gccaz.edu
Colaiacovo, Stacy (623) 845-3655 stacy.colaiacovo@gccaz.edu
Dallas, Brad (623) 845-3603 brad.dallas@gccaz.edu
Dawkins, Beth (623) 845-3770 beth.dawkins@gccaz.edu
Denison III, Russell Not Provided russell.denison.iii@paradisevalley.edu
Devenney, Kelly Not Provided kelly.devenney@gccaz.edu
DMura, Janell (623) 845-4497 janell.d'mura@gccaz.edu
Draper, Barry (602) 995-3949 barry.draper@gccaz.edu
Dudley, Anne (623) 845-3655 anne.dudley@gccaz.edu
Emanuel, Stephen Not Provided s.emanuel@gccaz.edu
Faulkner, Warren Not Provided warren.faulkner@gccaz.edu
Firth, Anne Not Provided anne.firth@gccaz.edu
Foley, Thomas (623) 845-3652 tom.foley@gccaz.edu
Forrest, Joanne (623) 572-4346 joanne.forrest@gccaz.edu
Frazier, Vincent Not Provided vincent.frazier@gccaz.edu
Garitson, Julie (623) 845-3655 julie.garitson@gccaz.edu
Gentry, Curtis (623) 878-4623 curtis.gentry@gccaz.edu
Grima, John (623) 845-4193 john.grima@gccaz.edu
Haughn, Jack (623) 845-3717 j.haughn@gccaz.edu
Heikkinen, Susan (623) 845-3655 susan.heikkinen@gccaz.edu
Holgate Kreiger, Holly Not Provided holly.holgate.kreiger@gccaz.edu
Holtfrerich, Michael (623) 845-3772 m.holtfrerich@gccaz.edu
Hudson, Michelle Not Provided michelle.hudson@gccaz.edu
Hughes, Steven Not Provided steven.hughes@gccaz.edu


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Public Safety Sciences Department
Andersen, Thomas (623) 293-1840 thomas.andersen@gccaz.edu
Andersen, William Not Provided william.andersen@gccaz.edu
Armstead, Aaron Not Provided aaron.armstead@gccaz.edu
Artibey, Matthew Not Provided matthew.artibey@gccaz.edu
Atkinson, Cameron Not Provided cameron.atkinson@gccaz.edu
Babirak, Stefan Not Provided stefan.babirak@gccaz.edu
Ball, Sommer Not Provided sommer.ball@gccaz.edu
Barnhart, Bruce (623) 845-3161 bruce.barnhart@gccaz.edu
Barrera Jr, Luis Not Provided luis.barrera.jr@gccaz.edu
Bedolla, Hugo Not Provided hugo.bedolla@gccaz.edu
Bedway, Kelli Not Provided kelli.bedway@gccaz.edu
Behl, Matthew Not Provided matthew.behl@gccaz.edu
Bennetto, Robert Not Provided robert.bennetto@gccaz.edu
Bernard, Gary Not Provided gary.bernard@gccaz.edu
Bernes, Benjamin Not Provided benjamin.bernes@gccaz.edu
Beswick, Christopher Not Provided christopher.beswick@gccaz.edu
Birchfield, Frank Not Provided frank.birchfield@gccaz.edu
Boniface, Charles Not Provided charles.boniface@gccaz.edu
Bonini, Nicolas Not Provided nicolas.bonini@gccaz.edu
Bradford, Travis Not Provided travis.bradford@gccaz.edu
Bridges, Eric Not Provided eric.bridges@gccaz.edu
Cain, Anthony Not Provided anthony.cain@gccaz.edu
Camacho, Deanna Not Provided deanna.camacho@gccaz.edu
Carson, Ernest (602) 326-1818 ernest.carson@gccaz.edu
Chambers, Eric Not Provided eric.chambers@estrellamountain.edu
Cohen, Bradley Not Provided bradley.cohen@gccaz.edu
Colson, David Not Provided david.colson@gccaz.edu
Couch, Kimberly Not Provided kimberly.ann.couch@gccaz.edu
Currie, Jennifer Not Provided jennifer.currie@gccaz.edu
Damante, Richard Not Provided richard.damante@gccaz.edu
Darroch-Wienberg, Sue (623) 845-3973 susan.darroch-wienberg@gccaz.edu
Davies, Alexandrea Not Provided alexandrea.davies@cgc.edu
Davis, Paula (623) 845-3832 paula.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, William Not Provided william.davis@gccaz.edu
Dawson, Stacey Not Provided stacey.dawson@gccaz.edu
Deever, Daniel (602) 448-9862 daniel.deever@gccaz.edu
Dendy, Harvey Not Provided harvey.dendy@gccaz.edu
Dial, Scott (623) 845-3832 scott.dial@gccaz.edu
Dihel, Alex Not Provided alex.dihel@gccaz.edu
Doerr, Jeffrey (623) 327-3769 jeffrey.doerr@gccaz.edu


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Esquibel, Tyson Not Provided tyson.esquibel@gccaz.edu
Estopeyan, Mary Ann (623) 845-3028 mary.ann.estopeyan@gccaz.edu
Estrada, Jesus (623) 845-3464 jesus.estrada@gccaz.edu
Estrada, Maria Not Provided maria.deestrada@gccaz.edu
Eustice, Sheri (623) 845-4983 sheri.eustice@gccaz.edu
Evans, David (623) 203-9194 david.a.evans@gccaz.edu
Evans, Heather Not Provided heather.evans@gccaz.edu
Ewing III, John Not Provided john.ewing.iii@paradisevalley.edu
Eyler Jr, Edward Not Provided edward.eyler.jr@gccaz.edu
Eyres, Beth (623) 845-4628 beth.eyres@gccaz.edu
Eyrich, Lynn Not Provided lynn.eyrich@gccaz.edu
Fareed, Mohamed Not Provided mohamed.fareed@gccaz.edu
Farhood, Laila (623) 845-4101 laila.farhood@gccaz.edu
Farina, Casey (623) 845-4849 casey.farina@gccaz.edu
Farley, Doreen Not Provided doreen.farley@estrellamountain.edu
Farmer, Jessi (602) 818-3654 jessica.farmer@gccaz.edu
Farrow, Tim (623) 845-3704 tim.farrow@gccaz.edu
Faulconer, Jaclyn Not Provided Not Provided
Faulkner, Warren Not Provided warren.faulkner@gccaz.edu
Faust Davis, Michelle Not Provided dorothy.faust.davis@gccaz.edu
Feld, Kimberly (623) 845-4818 k.feld@gccaz.edu
Felts, Jessica Not Provided jessica.felts@gatewaycc.edu
Ferguson, Jim (480) 488-9669 james.ferguson@gccaz.edu
Ferguson, Stacey Not Provided stacey.ferguson@gccaz.edu
Ferguson, Virginia Not Provided virginia.ferguson@gccaz.edu
Ferizi, Lena (623) 845-4499 albulene.ferizi@gccaz.edu
Fernandez, Philip (623) 845-3613 philip.fernandez@gccaz.edu
Ferullo, Dean Not Provided dean.ferullo@gccaz.edu
Fessenden, June (623) 845-3406 june.fessenden@gccaz.edu
Fetter, Lisa Not Provided lisa.fetter@gccaz.edu
Ficere, Patricia Not Provided patricia.ficere@riosalado.edu
Fike, Barbara Not Provided barbara.fike@gccaz.edu
Filteau, Larry (623) 203-6927 lawrence.filteau@gccaz.edu
Fine, Ellen Not Provided ellen.fine@gccaz.edu
Finkelstein, Erin Not Provided erin.finkelstein@phoenixcollege.edu
Firth, Anne Not Provided anne.firth@gccaz.edu
Fischl, Lisa (623) 845-4030 lisa.fischl@gccaz.edu
Fishleder, Lindra (623) 845-4852 lindra.fishleder@gccaz.edu
Fitzgerald, Kevin (623) 845-3942 kevin.fitzgerald@gccaz.edu
Fitzpatrick, Fitz (623) 845-3161 daniel.fitzpatrick@gccaz.edu