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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
The easiest way to find a specific person is to search for their name in the search field at the top, right corner of the web site.  

To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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English, Reading, Journalism & Creative Writing Department
LeGrand, Karen Not Provided karen.legrand@gccaz.edu
Levey, Cindy Not Provided cindy.levey@gccaz.edu
Lira, Ray (623) 845-4850 raymond.lira@gccaz.edu
Luthi, Eric Not Provided eric.luthi@gccaz.edu
Macdonald, Elizabeth Not Provided elizabeth.macdonald@gccaz.edu
Marshall, Pepper Not Provided pepper.marshall@gccaz.edu
Martin, Amanda Not Provided amanda.martin@gccaz.edu
Mateer, Philip (623) 845-3624 philip.mateer@gccaz.edu
Mathes, Kimberly (623) 845-4906 kimberly.mathes@gccaz.edu
Mathes, Virgil Not Provided virgil.mathes@gccaz.edu
May, Johnnie (623) 845-3538 johnnie.may@gccaz.edu
May, Valeriya (602) 286-8719 valeriya.may@gccaz.edu
McAlonan, Jen Not Provided janetta.mcalonan@gccaz.edu
McKelvey, Autumn (623) 845-3863 autumn.mckelvey@gccaz.edu
Menon, Rashmi (623) 845-4197 rashmi.menon@gccaz.edu
Merten, Jill Not Provided jill.merten@gccaz.edu
Metelits, Debra (602) 870-3909 debra.metelits@gccaz.edu
Miller, David (623) 845-3707 david.miller@gccaz.edu
Montes, Joe Not Provided joe.montes@gccaz.edu
Moore, Alicia (623) 877-2615 alicia.hurst@gccaz.edu
Moore, Paul (623) 845-3649 paul.moore@gccaz.edu
Mosoianu, Doina (623) 451-1804 doina.mosoianu@gccaz.edu
Mroczka, Cynthia Not Provided cynthia.mroczka@gccaz.edu
Murphy, Amanda (623) 845-3642 amanda.murphy@gccaz.edu
Nelson, David (623) 845-4775 david.nelson@gccaz.edu
Nielson, Chris (623) 845-4486 christopher.nielson@gccaz.edu
Nord-Champie, Sigrid (623) 738-4996 sigrid.nord-champie@gccaz.edu
OBrien, Safiya Not Provided safiya.obrien@gccaz.edu
Olson, Nina Not Provided nina.olson@gccaz.edu
Olson, Shannon Not Provided shannon.olson@gccaz.edu
OMeara, Matthew Not Provided matthew.omeara@gccaz.edu
OMeara, Shondra Not Provided shondra.o.meara@gccaz.edu
Ortega, Cindy (623) 845-4846 cindy.ortega@gccaz.edu
Page, Mary Not Provided mary.page@gccaz.edu
Palmer, Karen (623) 845-3645 karen.palmer@gccaz.edu
Pelegrin, Jaime Not Provided jaime.pelegrin@gccaz.edu
Perkins, Carey Not Provided carey.perkins@gccaz.edu
Perrigo, Donna Not Provided donna.perrigo@gccaz.edu
Pike, Julie (623) 486-6400 julie.pike@gccaz.edu
Prather-Carlos, Helen (623) 878-2361 helen.prather-carlos@gccaz.edu


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Interpreting Services
Briesacher, Deborah Not Provided deborah.briesacher@gccaz.edu
Briesacher, Rebecca Not Provided rebecca.briesacher@gccaz.edu
Calder, Christina Not Provided christina.calder@gccaz.edu
Cason, Alison Not Provided alison.cason@gccaz.edu
Cline, Sandra Not Provided sandra.cline@gccaz.edu
Craig, Rebecca Not Provided rebecca.craig@gccaz.edu
Elkin, Patricia Not Provided patricia.elkin@gccaz.edu
Evans, Heather Not Provided heather.evans@gccaz.edu
Eyrich, Lynn Not Provided lynn.eyrich@gccaz.edu
Glauser, Molly Not Provided molly.glauser@gccaz.edu
Jensen, Jason Not Provided jason.e.jensen@gccaz.edu
Maldonado, April Not Provided april.maldonado@gccaz.edu
Maschue, Nora Not Provided nora.maschue@gccaz.edu
Moats, Jaclyn Not Provided jaclyn.moats@phoenixcollege.edu
Mone, Melissa Not Provided melissa.mone@gccaz.edu
Morse, Jennifer Not Provided jennifer.morse@gccaz.edu
Moulton, Kimberly Not Provided kimberly.moulton@gccaz.edu
Newquist-Gifford, Karen Not Provided karen.newquist-gifford@gccaz.edu
Nichols, MaryJane (623) 845-3083 mary.jane.nichols@gccaz.edu
Oster Mcleod, Petula Not Provided petula.oster.mcleod@phoenixcollege.edu
Paccione, Janelle Not Provided janelle.felton@gccaz.edu
Perolis, Vicki Not Provided vicki.perolis@gccaz.edu
Quade, Charissa (602) 540-4264 charissa.quade@gccaz.edu
Remele, Tammy Not Provided tammy.remele@gccaz.edu
Roose, Andrea Not Provided andrea.roose@gccaz.edu
Satterlee, Lauren Not Provided lauren.satterlee@gccaz.edu
Satterlee, Thomas Not Provided thomas.satterlee@gccaz.edu
Siksta, Julie Not Provided julie.siksta@gccaz.edu
Walton, Lisa Not Provided lisa.walton@gccaz.edu
Williams, Jennifer Not Provided jennifer.e.williams@gccaz.edu
Worthen, Caroline Not Provided caroline.worthen@gccaz.edu
Young, Dina (623) 845-4559 dina.young@gccaz.edu
Zhang, Sou Not Provided sou.zhang@gccaz.edu
Legal Studies Perm Staff
Babb, Penny (623) 845-3951 penny.babb@gccaz.edu
Library Department
Aloe, Benjamin Not Provided robert.aloe@phoenixcollege.edu
Alvarado, Linda Not Provided linda.alvarado@gccaz.edu
Caltabiano, Anne (480) 586-7609 c.caltabiano@gccaz.edu
DeMeyere, Dianne (623) 845-3112 dianne.demeyere@gccaz.edu
DiGiacomo, Laura Not Provided laura.digiacomo@gccaz.edu
Dodd, Amy (623) 845-3107 amy.dodd@gccaz.edu


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Cusson III, Henry Not Provided henry.cusson.iii@gccaz.edu
Cutler, Magdalena (480) 236-1032 magdalena.cutler@paradisevalley.edu
Cutler, Suzy (623) 845-3327 suzy.cutler@gccaz.edu
Da Costa Mello, Stephanie (623) 845-3872 stephanie.dacostamello@gccaz.edu
Dahdal, Kimberly (623) 845-4820 kimberly.dahdal@gccaz.edu
Dahlgren, Steven Not Provided steven.dahlgren@gccaz.edu
Dahlstrom, Steven (602) 770-1798 steven.dahlstrom@gccaz.edu
Dallas, Brad (623) 845-3603 brad.dallas@gccaz.edu
Damante, Richard Not Provided richard.damante@gccaz.edu
Dana, Michael (623) 845-3984 michael.dana@gccaz.edu
DAngelo, Louis Not Provided louis.dangelo@gccaz.edu
Danielson, John Not Provided john.danielson@gccaz.edu
Dardon, Heidy Not Provided heidy.dardon@gccaz.edu
Darroch-Wienberg, Sue (623) 845-3973 susan.darroch-wienberg@gccaz.edu
Dash, Sagarika (Rika) (623) 845-3635 sagarika.dash@gccaz.edu
Daugherty, Robin (623) 845-4929 robin.daugherty@gccaz.edu
Daugs, Linda (360) 739-8256 linda.daugs.renner@gccaz.edu
DAunoy, Gerard Not Provided gerard.daunoy@gccaz.edu
Davidson, Lisa Not Provided lisa.davidson@gccaz.edu
Davies, Alexandrea Not Provided alexandrea.davies@cgc.edu
Davis, Annette (623) 845-3239 annette.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Cecily (623) 845-3333 cecily.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Daniel Not Provided daniel.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Darna Not Provided darna.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Deanna (623) 734-2737 deanna.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Don (623) 845-3972 don.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Jon Not Provided jonathan.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Lora Not Provided lora.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Paul (623) 847-4353 paul.g.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Paula (623) 845-3832 paula.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Ray (623) 845-3171 ray.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Steve Not Provided steven.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, Tina Not Provided tina.davis@gccaz.edu
Davis, William Not Provided william.davis@gccaz.edu
Davisson, Daniel Not Provided daniel.davisson@gccaz.edu
Dawkins, Beth (623) 845-3770 beth.dawkins@gccaz.edu
Dawson, Karen (623) 845-3312 karen.dawson@gccaz.edu
Dawson, Stacey Not Provided stacey.dawson@gccaz.edu
Dawud, Hana Not Provided hana.dawud@gccaz.edu
De Anda, Analicia (623) 845-3408 analicia.de.anda@gccaz.edu