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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
The easiest way to find a specific person is to search for their name in the search field at the top, right corner of the web site.  

To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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Neighbors, Ralph Not Provided ralph.neighbors@gccaz.edu
Sollars, J.D. (623) 845-3788 jd.sollars@gccaz.edu
Stuck, Lisa (623) 845-3048 lisa.stuck@gccaz.edu
Biology Department
Bittner, Stephanie Not Provided stephanie.bittner@gccaz.edu
Bowker, Rob (623) 845-3611 robert.bowker@gccaz.edu
Conzelman, Karen (623) 845-3612 karen.ann.conzelman@gccaz.edu
Dash, Sagarika (Rika) (623) 845-3635 sagarika.dash@gccaz.edu
Davis, Jon Not Provided jonathan.davis@gccaz.edu
Fernandez, Philip (623) 845-3613 philip.fernandez@gccaz.edu
Gergus, Erik (623) 845-3614 erik.gergus@gccaz.edu
Herman, Jennifer Not Provided jennifer.l.e.herman@gccaz.edu
Hite, Aprill Not Provided aprill.hite@gccaz.edu
Krout, Karl (623) 845-4613 karl.krout@gccaz.edu
Lang, David Not Provided david.lang@gccaz.edu
Linton, Rebecca (623) 845-4198 rebecca.linton@gccaz.edu
Mick, Angela (623) 845-3792 angela.mick@gccaz.edu
Montgomery, Vanessa (623) 445-8741 vanessa.montgomery@riosalado.edu
Ouse, Andrea Not Provided andrea.ouse@gccaz.edu
Parrish, Kim (623) 845-3844 kimberly.parrish@gccaz.edu
Plochocki, Jeffrey Not Provided jeffrey.plochocki@gccaz.edu
Pommerville,, Jeff (623) 845-3910 jeffrey.pommerville@gccaz.edu
Prey, Jason Not Provided jason.prey@gccaz.edu
Ranta, Terry (623) 845-4586 terry.ranta@gccaz.edu
Reavis, Robert (623) 845-3277 robert.reavis@gccaz.edu
Schwendiman, Angela (623) 845-4501 angela.schwendiman@gccaz.edu
Slater, Florence (623) 845-3619 f.slater@gccaz.edu
Tuohy, James (623) 845-3845 james.tuohy@gccaz.edu
Wissman, Lance (623) 845-3655 lance.wissman@gccaz.edu
York, Justin (623) 845-3695 justin.york@gccaz.edu
Business & Information Technology Department
Atchison, Christi Not Provided christi.atchison@gccaz.edu
Behrens, Danielle Not Provided danielle.behrens@gccaz.edu
Bencic, Martin (623) 845-3225 martin.bencic@estrellamountain.edu
Benjamin, Mike (623) 845-3225 michael.benjamin@gccaz.edu
Berry, Beth (623) 845-3391 beth.berry@gccaz.edu
Binder, Gregory Not Provided gregory.binder@gccaz.edu
Bliven, Norma (623) 845-3000 norma.bliven@gccaz.edu
Borquez, Eduardo (623) 845-3000 eduardo.borquez@gccaz.edu
Boyle, Jim (623) 845-3225 james.boyle@gccaz.edu
Brooks, Janet (623) 845-3241 janet.brooks@gccaz.edu
Brooks, Robert Not Provided robert.brooks@gccaz.edu


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Advisement Center
Udyavar, Sudesh (623) 845-3438 sudesh.udyavar@gccaz.edu
Watts, Richard (623) 845-3088 rick.watts@gccaz.edu
Art Department
Bird, Kimberly Not Provided kimberly.bird@gccaz.edu
Bruno, Wayne (623) 845-3494 wayne.bruno@gccaz.edu
Denny, Lisa Not Provided lisa.denny@gccaz.edu
Kennedy, Ryan (623) 845-3318 ryan.kennedy@gccaz.edu
Macias, Rachael Not Provided rachael.macias@estrellamountain.edu
McClendon, Sherri (623) 845-3757 sherri.mcclendon@gccaz.edu
McNab, Dale Not Provided dale.mcnab@mesacc.edu
Merchut, Heather Not Provided heather.merchut@gccaz.edu
Rice, Brandon Not Provided brandon.rice@scottsdalecc.edu
Sins, Kathy (602) 841-9618 katheryn.sins@gccaz.edu
St James, Jesse Not Provided jesse.stjames@gccaz.edu
Swain, Luella (623) 845-3457 luella.swain@gccaz.edu
Webb, Emille Not Provided emille.webb@gccaz.edu
Wickenkamp, Craig Not Provided craig.wickenkamp@scottsdalecc.edu
Abrego, Tyler Not Provided tyler.abrego@gccaz.edu
Alvarado, Caleb Not Provided caleb.alvarado@gccaz.edu
Arias, Austin Not Provided austin.arias@gccaz.edu
Arviso, Trevor Not Provided trevor.arviso@gccaz.edu
Askelson, Seth Not Provided seth.askelson@gccaz.edu
Aziminejad, Omid (623) 845-3790 omid.aziminejad@gccaz.edu
Bracy, Michelle Not Provided michelle.bracy@gccaz.edu
Bradley, Ricky Not Provided ricky.bradley@gccaz.edu
Brannon, Raymond Not Provided raymond.brannon@gccaz.edu
Cantwell, David Not Provided david.cantwell@gccaz.edu
Cardiel, Jesus Not Provided jesus.cardiel@gccaz.edu
Cherry, Richard Not Provided richard.cherry@gccaz.edu
Colegrove, Alex Not Provided alex.colegrove@gccaz.edu
Comerford, Eric Not Provided eric.comerford@estrellamountain.edu
Cooper, Juanitta Not Provided juanitta.cooper@gccaz.edu
Cottman, Raymond Not Provided raymond.cottman@gccaz.edu
Craven Jr, Davonty Not Provided davonty.craven.jr@gccaz.edu
Dominguez, Cezar Not Provided cezar.dominguez@gccaz.edu
Eleyan, Mohammed Not Provided mohammed.eleyan@gccaz.edu
Enriquez, Abraham Not Provided abraham.enriquez@gccaz.edu
Epley, Kelly Not Provided kelly.epley@gccaz.edu
Esnal, Carmen Not Provided carmen.esnal.galvez@gccaz.edu
Espinoza, Freddie Not Provided freddie.espinoza@gccaz.edu
Espinoza, Randy (602) 845-3040 randy.espinoza@gccaz.edu


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Ambrose, Kelly Not Provided kelly.ambrose@gccaz.edu
Amoroso, Sandra (623) 845-3743 sandra.amoroso@gccaz.edu
Amos, SuAnne Not Provided suanne.amos@gccaz.edu
Anaya-Garcia, Esther (623) 845-3816 esther.anaya-garcia@gccaz.edu
Andersen, Ray Not Provided ray.andersen@gccaz.edu
Andersen, Thomas (623) 293-1840 thomas.andersen@gccaz.edu
Andersen, William Not Provided william.andersen@gccaz.edu
Anderson, Codi Not Provided codi.anderson@gccaz.edu
Anderson, Marde (480) 213-1201 mardel.anderson@mesacc.edu
Anderson, Sarah Not Provided sarah.anderson@gccaz.edu
Anderson Larance, Melissa Not Provided melissa.anderson.larance@gccaz.edu
Anselmo, Robert Not Provided robert.anselmo@gccaz.edu
Anspach, Eric (602) 721-0594 eric.anspach@gccaz.edu
Aranda, Martina (623) 845-3811 martina.aranda@gccaz.edu
Araujo Lopez, Luis Not Provided luis.araujo.lopez@gccaz.edu
Arbogast, Susan (623) 845-4587 susan.arbogast@gccaz.edu
Arcan, Florica Not Provided florica.arcan@gccaz.edu
Arcuria, Phil (623) 845-4487 phil.arcuria@gccaz.edu
Arford-Cruz, Debra (602) 639-7702 debra.arford@gccaz.edu
Arias, Austin Not Provided austin.arias@gccaz.edu
Armgort, Cindy Not Provided cindy.armgort@gccaz.edu
Armstead, Aaron Not Provided aaron.armstead@gccaz.edu
Arnett, Shannon Not Provided shannon.arnett@gccaz.edu
Arnoldt, Carmela (623) 845-3563 carmela.arnoldt@gccaz.edu
Arntson, Jay (623) 845-3983 jay.arntson@gccaz.edu
Arntson, Roxan (623) 297-7699 roxan.arntson@gccaz.edu
Arora Singh, Alka (623) 845-3968 alka.arora.singh@gccaz.edu
Arriaga, Rafael Not Provided rafael.arriaga@gccaz.edu
Arroyo, Bernie (623) 845-3030 bernie.arroyo@gccaz.edu
Arslan, Virginia Not Provided virginia.arslan@phoenixcollege.edu
Artibey, Matthew Not Provided matthew.artibey@gccaz.edu
Arviso, Trevor Not Provided trevor.arviso@gccaz.edu
Askelson, Seth Not Provided seth.askelson@gccaz.edu
Atchison, Christi Not Provided christi.atchison@gccaz.edu
Atkinson, Cameron Not Provided cameron.atkinson@gccaz.edu
Atwood, Donna (602) 285-7277 donna.atwood@phoenixcollege.edu
Aubrey Jr, Thomas Not Provided thomas.aubrey@gccaz.edu
Aufdemberge, Kathy Not Provided kathy.aufdemberge@gccaz.edu
Austin, Ingrid (623) 845-3799 ingrid.austin@gccaz.edu
Avila, Laura (623) 845-4780 laura.avila@gccaz.edu