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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
The easiest way to find a specific person is to search for their name in the search field at the top, right corner of the web site.  

To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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Mathematics Department
Jaskie, Kristen (623) 845-3703 kristen.jaskie@gccaz.edu
Johnson, Jeffrey Not Provided j.johnson@gccaz.edu
Karasek, Brian (623) 845-3571 brian.karasek@gccaz.edu
Kehowski, Walter (623) 845-3674 walter.kehowski@gccaz.edu
Kenyon, Jim (623) 572-4342 james.kenyon@gccaz.edu
Kerr, Scott Not Provided scott.kerr@gccaz.edu
Kimani, Patrick (623) 845-4627 patrick.kimani@gccaz.edu
Kimball, Bill (623) 845-3989 william.kimball@gccaz.edu
Kostick, Randy (623) 845-3986 randy.kostick@gccaz.edu
Kruse, Jeffrey (623) 845-3670 jeff.kruse@gccaz.edu
Kurtz, Nathan (623) 845-4882 nathan.kurtz@gccaz.edu
LaRue, Marilyn (623) 845-3655 marilyn.larue@gccaz.edu
Macleish, Ken (623) 845-3874 ken.macleish@gccaz.edu
Madrid Wallace, Stephanie Not Provided stephanie.madrid.wallace@gccaz.edu
Marley, Kurt (623) 845-4639 kurt.marley@gccaz.edu
Martinez-Mitchell, Haracely (623) 845-3655 haracely.martinez-mitchell@gccaz.edu
Matson, Brad (602) 809-6781 bradley.matson@gccaz.edu
McKintosh, Andrew (623) 845-4048 andrew.mckintosh@gccaz.edu
McNutt, Jenny Not Provided jennifer.mcnutt@gatewaycc.edu
Melita, Joseph (623) 845-3206 joe.melita@gccaz.edu
Merchant, Debbie (623) 518-9030 deborah.merchant@gccaz.edu
Michaelson, Matthew (623) 845-4589 matthew.michaelson@gccaz.edu
Miller, Chris (623) 845-3841 c.miller@gccaz.edu
Mitio, Betsy (623) 845-4085 betsy.mitio@gccaz.edu
Mohr, Bobbi (623) 845-3655 bobbi.mohr@gccaz.edu
Mubarak, Zaki Not Provided zaki.mubarak@gccaz.edu
Mummert, J. Not Provided j.mummert@gccaz.edu
Neibarger, Lea (623) 845-3656 lea.neibarger@gccaz.edu
Nicoloff, Ashley (623) 845-4604 ashley.nicoloff@gccaz.edu
Orzechowski, Larry (623) 845-3655 larry.orzechowski@gccaz.edu
Pack, Miriam (623) 845-3722 miriam.pack@gccaz.edu
Palmer, Dean (602) 364-0636 dean.palmer@gccaz.edu
Panebianco, Paul (623) 845-3817 paul.panebianco@gccaz.edu
Partney, Susan Not Provided susan.partney@gccaz.edu
Payne, Greg (623) 845-3213 norman.payne@gccaz.edu
Petrenco, Felicia (623) 845-4588 felicia.petrenco@gccaz.edu
Reimer, Janna (623) 845-3655 janna.reimer@gccaz.edu
Rivas, Sergio (623) 845-4603 sergio.rivas@gccaz.edu
Rivera, Frank (623) 845-3716 frank.rivera@gccaz.edu
Rodriguez, David (623) 845-3655 d.rodriguez@gccaz.edu


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Public Safety Sciences Department
Dowling Jr, James Not Provided james.dowling.jr@gccaz.edu
Drescher, Terry Not Provided terry.drescher@gccaz.edu
Dunlap, Courtney Not Provided courtney.dunlap@gccaz.edu
Dunning, Clint Not Provided clint.dunning@gccaz.edu
Eads, Christina Not Provided christina.eads@gccaz.edu
Eaton, Paul Not Provided paul.eaton@gccaz.edu
Eckenrode, Ecko Not Provided mark.eckenrode@gccaz.edu
Eggleston, Mary Jean Not Provided mary.jean.eggleston@gccaz.edu
Eith, Brad Not Provided brad.eith@gccaz.edu
Ellis, Adam Not Provided raymond.ellis@gccaz.edu
Esquibel, Tyson Not Provided tyson.esquibel@gccaz.edu
Ewing III, John Not Provided john.ewing.iii@paradisevalley.edu
Flaherty, Bartholomew Not Provided bartholomew.flaherty@gccaz.edu
Flesher Jr, James Not Provided james.flesher.jr@gccaz.edu
Flores, Steve Not Provided steve.flores@gccaz.edu
Gable, Jonathan Not Provided jonathan.gable@gccaz.edu
Garratt, Mark (623) 872-9193 mark.garratt@gccaz.edu
Gertenbach, Cassie Not Provided casandra.mccorry@gccaz.edu
Geyman, Jason (623) 451-6793 jason.geyman@gccaz.edu
Giboney, Michael Not Provided michael.giboney@gccaz.edu
Glenn, Eric Not Provided eric.glenn@gccaz.edu
Godfrey, Orion Not Provided orion.godfrey@gccaz.edu
Greathouse, Aaron Not Provided aaron.greathouse@gccaz.edu
Groneman, Alex Not Provided alex.groneman@gccaz.edu
Guerrero Jr, Felix Not Provided felix.guerrero.jr@gccaz.edu
Gutierrez, Jacquelyne Not Provided jacquelyne.gutierrez@gccaz.edu
Habecker, Donnie (623) 845-3186 donald.habecker@gccaz.edu
Hackett, David Not Provided david.hackett@gccaz.edu
Hadlock, Loretta Not Provided loretta.hadlock@gccaz.edu
Haro, Willie (623) 221-1828 guillermo.haro@gccaz.edu
Hart, Ron Not Provided ronald.hart@gccaz.edu
Hayter, Keith Not Provided keith.hayter@gccaz.edu
Henrickson, David Not Provided david.henrickson@gccaz.edu
Higgins, Joshua Not Provided joshua.higgins@gccaz.edu
Higgins, Michael Not Provided michael.higgins@gccaz.edu
Hobson, Jared Not Provided jared.hobson@gccaz.edu
Hofer, Thomas Not Provided tom.hofer@estrellamountain.edu
Holliday, Adam Not Provided adam.holliday@gccaz.edu
Holstein, Marc Not Provided marc.holstein@gccaz.edu
Hoppe II, Steven Not Provided steven.hoppe.ii@gccaz.edu


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Flaaten, Lucille (623) 845-3209 lucy.flaaten@gccaz.edu
Flaherty, Bartholomew Not Provided bartholomew.flaherty@gccaz.edu
Flashnick, Jon Not Provided jon.flashnick@gccaz.edu
Fleming, Judy (623) 845-3117 j.fleming@gccaz.edu
Flesher Jr, James Not Provided james.flesher.jr@gccaz.edu
Fletes, Francisca Not Provided francisca.fletes@estrellamountain.edu
Flickinger, Nikolaus Not Provided nikolaus.flickinger@mesacc.edu
Floor, Mark (623) 845-3112 mark.floor@gccaz.edu
Flores, Andrea Not Provided andrea.flores@gccaz.edu
Flores, Ralph Not Provided ralph.flores@gccaz.edu
Flores, Steve Not Provided steve.flores@gccaz.edu
Flynn, Mike (623) 845-3126 michael.flynn@gccaz.edu
Foci, Emina Not Provided emina.foci@gccaz.edu
Foley, Elizabeth Not Provided elizabeth.foley@gccaz.edu
Foley, Thomas (623) 845-3652 tom.foley@gccaz.edu
Follbaum, James (623) 845-4631 james.follbaum@gccaz.edu
Follbaum, Judith Not Provided judith.follbaum@gccaz.edu
Ford, Antoinette Not Provided antoinette.ford@gccaz.edu
Ford, Dario Not Provided Not Provided
Ford II, Chuck (623) 845-3031 charles.ford@gccaz.edu
Fore, Dale Not Provided dale.fore@gccaz.edu
Foremny, Bruce Not Provided bruce.foremny@phoenixcollege.edu
Forrest, Joanne (623) 572-4346 joanne.forrest@gccaz.edu
Forrest, Mariela (602) 334-1304 mariela.forrest@gccaz.edu
Forshier, Shirl-Ann Not Provided shirl-ann.forshier@gccaz.edu
Forsmo, Sharon (623) 845-3761 sharon.forsmo@gccaz.edu
Foster, Lori (623) 845-3637 lori.foster@gccaz.edu
Foushee, Brandon Not Provided brandon.foushee@gccaz.edu
Fowler, Katelyn Not Provided katelyn.fowler@gccaz.edu
Fowler, Michael (602) 619-0127 michael.fowler@gccaz.edu
Fox, Mary Not Provided mary.fox@gccaz.edu
Fraedrich, Dave (623) 845-3309 david.fraedrich@gccaz.edu
Frandrup, Janna Not Provided janna.frandrup@gccaz.edu
Frankel, Annie Not Provided annie.frankel@gccaz.edu
Franklin, Janeth (623) 330-6302 janeth.franklin@gccaz.edu
Franklin, Tina (623) 845-3077 tina.franklin@gccaz.edu
Fraulino, Chanda (623) 845-4931 chanda.fraulino@gccaz.edu
Frazier, Vincent Not Provided vincent.frazier@gccaz.edu
Freedman, Shoshana Not Provided shoshana.freedman@gccaz.edu
Fried, Aaron (623) 845-3043 aaron.fried@gccaz.edu