Celebrating 50 Years

"You just don't realize how many people whose lives have been touched or affected by [Glendale Community College]—makes you very, very proud."

Dr. Phil Randolph
Former GCC President

As a little boy, Phil Randolph played in the farm fields that later became the main campus of GCC, a college he would serve as president. He shares his story in the 'Campus Memories' video below.

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I just want to say…
I am using all the CIS material daily at the Cardinals as I program and track financial reports, write operations manuals, and code for our graphics software. It’s awesome and so much fun! Thanks for everything.
         - Janna Srutowski, Alumni

I'm nearly 92, and as I look back…
…my 18 years teaching at GCC were the best years of my life. In early 1965 during an assignment at Phoenix College, Dr. Prince, then Chancellor, showed the architectural renderings of the new, soon to be GCC campus. Our conversation turned to photography and his new teaching innovations. Then he said, "We need someone like you to be part of GCC and start photography courses. Do you have a Master’s Degree?" I enrolled as a graduate student at ASU and later, armed with my new MA degree, I presented my writing and photo credentials to a selection committee. I started teaching at GCC the fall semester of 1968. My classes overflowed and the rest is history.
         - Willis Peterson , Former Faculty, 1968-1986

I have always enjoyed…
GCC’s art and culture. Almost everyday I meet so many really cool people on campus. You can't beat the diversity here. I have met people from all over the world and I have had the chance to listen to their life stories and share my own. I am a student with a developmental disability, and the fact that I have been so warmly accepted here is so amazing to me. I love this college and I always enjoy spending my days here on campus reading, working on a computer, and always learning something new. I have made a lot of friends here on campus and I enjoy spending time with them as well.
         - Kyle Straight, Alumni and Current Student

I started college at GCC in 1969…
I had just returned from Active Service in the Vietnam War. I went to school under the G.I. Bill. Many military veterans were enrolling using the G.I. Bill to help them pay for college. Glendale was not as diverse as it is today. Many Vietnam Veterans contributed to the diversification of the student population. I grew up in Peoria, less than one mile from the GCC campus. I majored in Business and transferred to ASU in 1971. My Glendale experience changed my life forever. Today, wherever you go, you will run into someone who has attended GCC.
         - Jose Mendoza, Alumni and Current Staff

I pulled out my old GCC yearbook and…
So many wonderful times and people started to flood my mind. The hours spent in Gaucho Gardens on the Camelback campus. Deans Capper, Pierson and Butler with whom I spent so many hours as we prepared to open up a new campus. Then there was Mrs. Jennings who taught me I was not going to be a math major. Mr. Overson, who somehow convinced me to become a chorus girl for the Maryland campus melodrama. And Mr. Smelser, who renewed in me a love for history that I have never lost. GCC gave me an opportunity to come out of a very introverted shell and begin really enjoying all aspects of school life.  I truly had a complete college experience in the two years I spent there. Those memories are now, and always will be, precious to me.
         - Terry Bloss, Alumni

When we were kids...
We used to play in this area. We’d come up here and ride our bikes up and down the empty irrigation ditches, and build forts! There were farms here. That’s where we used to get our watermelons every summer. It was a wonderful place to grow up.
         Karen Minnihan, GCC staff 

Registering for classes back in 1969…
My initial major was business and computers. However, my best girlfriend convinced me that PE sounded like more fun than computers!  When I first registered for classes at GCC, all the teachers were sitting at tables in the cafeteria. We would walk up to the table and get a card that was designated specifically for that class. Then we would take our stack of class cards to the cashier. The hardest part of registration was standing in the long line for the cashier.  There were very few mistakes with the card system, ha ha. As I remember, my first semester cost me about $35 total for 12 credits. 
         Olivia Templeton, Alumni and Retired Fitness and Wellness Faculty


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