Work Order Requests

Facilities Management provides a variety of services from custodial care to major renovations. Work order requests can be submitted for the services provided below. Requests for major renovations, new/minor construction, and building modifications are to be submitted as a Project Management Team (PMT) request.

How To Submit a Work Order Request

Work order requests for services can be submitted these three ways:

  1. Contact Facilities Management at (623) 845-3030.
  2. Fill out a Work Order Request Form online. (Review the instructions for how to use Facilligence to submit requests.)
  3. E-mail your request to Facilities Management.

Emergency Reporting

  1. For emergencies, please call the Facilities Management office at 623- 845-3030 during business hours.
  2. For minor issues after 4:30 p.m. (temperature controls, restroom concerns, etc.), please contact Public Safety at 623-845-3535.
  3. For all security-related issues, contact Public Safety at 623-845-3535.

Request Process

  1. Upon receipt of the request, Facilities Management will initiate the work order.
  2. A work order number will be assigned and a notification will be sent to the requester.
  3. The work order information is relayed to the appropriate service unit.
  4. The requester is contacted if a consultation is required.
  5. The work order is closed after the work has been completed.
  6. Requester receives notification that the work order has been completed.

Key Requests

  • The Glendale Community College Public Safety Department is responsible for the issuance of keys that control access to buildings, offices and other lockable areas on campus.
  • Facilities Management is responsible for issuing cabinet, desk and file drawer keys. Media Services is responsible for issuing media cabinet keys.
  • Keys are not to be duplicated, loaned or transferred to other employees. The College employee to whom the key is issued is personally responsible for how the key is used and for the return of the key.
  • Please complete the Key Request Form if you need a replacement key for a cabinet, desk, file drawer, or media cabinet. All requests for media cabinet keys must be approved in advance by Scott Kozakiewicz.

Services Provided

  • Building Maintenance: Doors, Keys, Latches, Switches, & Push Pads.
  • Carpentry: Fabrications, Installations, Repairs, Carpeting, & Windows.
  • Custodial: Custodial Services (all areas), Light Bulb Replacement, Shampoo Carpets, Floors, Batteries, Event Set-ups, & Interior Graffiti.
  • Electrical: Outages, Wiring, Breakers, Light Ballasts, Switches, Whips, & Fans.
  • Furnishings: New & Used Furniture, ADA Accommodations, Surplus Requests, Installations, Office Moves, Repairs, Upholstery, & Signage.
  • Grounds: Grounds, Landscaping, Sprinklers, Parking Lots, & Exterior Graffiti.
  • HVAC: Hot/Cold Calls, Air Conditioning, Heating, Thermostats, Ice Makers, Exhaust Fans, & Ceiling Leaks.
  • Locksmith: Keys, Broken Locks, Door Knobs & Latches, & Hardware.
  • Maintenance Assistant: Clocks, Dispensers (Towels, Seat Covers, Hygiene), Pencil Sharpeners, Lights, Picture Hanging, Markerboards, Tackboards, Ceiling Tiles, & Event Set-ups.
  • Painter: Painting, Patching, Touch-up, Staining & Sealing.
  • Plumbing: Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, Drinking Fountains, Drains, & Leaks.
  • Utility Worker: Miscellaneous Repairs.
  • Waste Management: Waste, Recycling, & Shredding Services.


Building: Administration (A) - 57
Phone: (623) 845-3030
Fax: (623) 845-3025
Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6:30am - 4:00pm
CLOSED Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.