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Marketing Toolkit

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your story. As your partner in marketing the College and its many programs, we want to provide you with easy-to-use tools for your marketing projects. These tools include our Brand Standards Guide, Event Planning Guide, 25Live guide, Social Media Marketing Policies & Procedures and more.

MCCCD’s One Maricopa Marketing (OMM) office and GCC’s Strategic Planning and Accountability department manage the GCC brand, including the College’s graphic identity, social media, online presence, external facing web pages, press relations and advertising. OMM creates and implements reputation building strategies to inspire the community to attend, invest in, or recommend GCC as the first choice for post-secondary education and/or workforce training and development.

(Adapted from Pierpont Career and Technical College, Edmunds Community College, Purdue University, and Clarus Corporation plus original content)

How can we help?


All logos can be accessed on the employee shared drive (for help, contact OIT). Navigate to Shared, Depts, MarketingProofs. Use a JPG file for web pages and a PNG file for print or when working in Microsoft Office programs. For clothing, large banners, resizing or working in Adobe Suite programs, use an EPS file format. For more information on how to use our logo, see the logo guide. The Maricopa District logos and Brand Standards Guide can be accessed online.

Fliers and Brochures

Flier and brochure templates can be accessed on the employee shared drive (for help, contact OIT). Navigate to Shared, Depts, MarketingProofs. See the writing guide and complete a marketing request form for more help.

Event Planning

Use the event planning checklist. Once your event details are finalized, complete a marketing request form to let us know how we can help advertise.

Press Releases and Web Stories

Use the writing guide and media relations tips. Submit your story to The Maricopan, the District employee electronic newsletter. If you need help or have an idea for a GCC website banner or news story, submit a marketing request form. Press releases and web stories often require interviews, photo shoots and time to pitch to reporters which means we need to know a minimum of two months in advance.


Announcements can be posted on social media, the GCC home page calendar, marquee and Gaucho TV. Each venue has a specific audience which means all content may not be best for all venues. Complete the marketing request form to tell us what you're advertising. If you want to get started on your own, see our guides for: social media, 25Live calendar listings, marquee and Gaucho TV. PowerPoint templates for Gaucho TV can be accessed on the employee shared drive (for help, contact OIT). Navigate to Shared, Depts, MarketingProofs.

Sending Email

Emails can be sent internally to employees or externally to our students. Student emails can be sent based on a targeted audience or to all currently enrolled students. Use the writing guide and then follow the process for sending to employees or students. If you need a graphical banner for your email, submit a marketing request form.

Website Edits or Creating a New Webpage

Our website uses the Drupal content management system. Your department's web content editor can make changes to your web pages. If you do not know who this editor is, ask your department secretary. Or, you can receive training from the CTLE to be given access to edit your department's web pages. When you make edits to your webpage content, use the writing guide and allow for up to three business days to approve your edits for voice, tone, spelling and grammar as well as brand, legal and District policy compliance. If you think your department needs a new page, submit a marketing request form.

Graphic Design

Any projects requiring graphic design (web, print, material, flier updates) can be sent using the marketing request form. For new graphic design requests, please allow 4-6 weeks for design, proofing and sending to print. For updates to already existing projects, please allow 2-3 weeks for editing, proofing and sending to print.

Photography & Video

Browse photos you can use for web or print on the GCC Flickr or submit your own photos via email. Professional photography can be requested using the marketing request form. Please give a minimum of one week's notice for scheduling and allow up to a week after the event to edit and send your finalized photos. Requested photography must have a plan for being used and is often bound by legal regulations. For example, we cannot use pictures of anyone who has not signed a release form or photograph minors without parental consent. Video requests can be sent to the GCC Technology Help Desk.

Promotional Items

Each department can purchase their own promotional items and Marketing can assist with artwork and maneuvering the purchasing process, if needed. Before ordering any promotional items, all designs must be approved by marketing staff in The Office of Strategy, Planning and Accountability.


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