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Field Trip Travel

By definition, a field trip is any off-campus activity that is in addition to or in place of the regular class location. Student travel is governed by Administrative Regulation 1.15 -- Travel. Non-students may NOT participate in officially sponsored activities, (i.e., field trips, tours, classroom functions) unless that person is requested to be present by an official of the college. Please download and read the Field Trip Process pdf listed below for a comprehensive overview of this information. Within this process, you will find that all required student forms associated with travel are now online. Please note that if you are a club advisor you will still need to work with the Student Leadership Center staff to complete your travel paperwork.

Here is a flowchart to help in completing the Field Trip Process:

Field Trip Travel Workflow

Field Trip Process from start to Finish!

1   Field Trip Authorization

  • Students may not be able to participate in field trips outside their regular class time schedule.
  • Field Trips outside the United States require completion and approval of the International Travel Proposal. The Chancellor has final approval of all international travel, regardless of funding source or destination.
  • In FMS on the Travel Authorization include in the Notes section the following information
    • Instructor Name
    • Semester
    • Course Number / Section Number
    • Regular Meeting Location
    • Class meeting date(s) that will be affected by the change
    • Field trip location address
    • Field trip location phone number
    • Justification for the field trip
    • Itinerary (if multiple days)
      • Can be included as an attachment. If providing an attachment, please indicate that in the notes.
  • The Dean’s authorization of the field trip is indicated by their Approval in the FMS workflow.

2   Prepare For Field Trip Travel

2.1 Travel Authorization

  • Complete Travel Authorization request in FMS
    • Review Technology Training materials for complete list of required documents and instructions for completing travel authorization
  • Attach Class Roster
    • If a Class Roster is not available at the time of submission – an exception may be made in the two following situations
      • TAs submitted before the start of the semester due to facility requirements for deposit or reservation deadlines
      • TAs submitted for more than one class/section - attach a listing of all classes and instructors participating
  • All travelers and expenses will be accounted for on one travel authorization, completed by the faculty member in charge of the group
    • Meals – Expense Type is “Per Diem – Group”
    • Lodging – Expense Type is “Lodging – Group”
    • Additional faculty or staff members traveling with the group should be listed in the notes section
  • Travel With No Expenses
    • Expense Type “Registration”
    • Amount $.01
  • TA proceeds through the approval process
  • Purchases and/or Deposits may not be made until TA is fully approved

2.2 Field Trip Student Sign-Up - Instructions for Requesting A Field Trip URL

  • Forms are created in Dynamic Forms
  • Instructor contacts IT (Dave Fraedrich or Bobby Sample) to create forms and URL link to forms
  • Instructor provides URL to students via website, Canvas, in writing
  • Students sign-up and complete student travel forms
  • Database is created
    • Safety can access
    • Instructor can download to a spreadsheet

3   Return from Field Trip

  • With Expenses
    • Complete Expense Report in FMS
      • Review Technology Training materials for complete list of required documents and instructions for completing expense report
    • Attach spreadsheet generated from Dynamic Forms (list of students participating in the field trip activity)
  • With No Expenses (“Penny” TA)
    • Contact Fiscal via email ( to close TA
    • Attach spreadsheet generated from Dynamic Forms (list of students participating in the field trip activity)

4   Administrative Regulation 1.15 Travel

Employees are required to read and comply with Administrative Regulation 1.15 Travel. This is not a listing of the full regulation, please refer to the MCCCD website for a complete version of the regulation.

1.15.2 Definitions

9. Group Travel – Students traveling together for a common event or purpose with at least one MCCCD employee. Only one travel authorization document is required. A list of employees and students participating in the trip must accompany the travel authorization document for group travel. A group of MCCCD employees in approved travel status at the same location or event is not considered group travel.

1.15.5 Limitations

Cash Advances. Cash advances for travel purposes will be approved only in limited instances. Such instances include student groups, class trips, student clubs and organizations, or athletic teams. Supporting documentation that outlines how the advance amount was determined should be included as part of the travel authorization document. Every effort should be made to reduce the liability of the traveler(s) by pre-paying known expenses via purchase orders or charging expenses to a Procard. When settling cash advances, valid receipts are required. Specific expenses as detailed in 1.15.10 are not allowed. Any amounts paid to or on behalf of a traveler that has not been substantiated with an expense claim or valid receipts within 60 days of completion of travel will be deducted from the traveler’s wages.

1.15.7 Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) - Per diem Form

Meals for Group Travel. The applied per diem amount for group travel may be less than the published per diem rate. Whenever an employee (i.e., advisor or coach) receives funding for group or team meals, the meal form must state how the funds are being distributed and be signed when the distribution occurs. The use of prior signed meal forms is prohibited. Valid receipts are also required in instances when funds are not distributed to students, but the meals are paid for the group as a whole, or when all meals are paid from the advance.

Deadlines for Travel:

Field Trips Within Maricopa County and/or Penny Travel (no cost associated with the travel)

Requests for field trips within Maricopa County must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the first day of your desired travel date.

Field Trips Outside of Maricopa County

Field trips outside of Maricopa County and within the United States require a submission date of one (1) full month from the first day of your desired travel date.

College Vehicle Reservation Information

Students may be asked to furnish their own transportation, or the class may be taking a van. Please contact Disability Resources and Services (DRS) for clarity on field trip transportation for disabled students.

College vehicle reservations are requested through the Facilities Management, A- 57, or by calling Catherine Crawford at 623.845.3522.

MCCCD employees who drive district-owned vehicles must complete two requirements, as per Administrative Regulation 4.14:

  1. Complete and pass (with a score of 80% or better) an online defensive-driving training course; and
  2. Submit to an inquiry by a certified Public Safety police officer into their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) driving history that shows a satisfactory driving record, by completing the Motor Vehicle Record and Driving History Release Form.

Subsequent MVR reviews will be conducted annually by Public Safety to ensure a satisfactory driving record. Employees must successfully complete the online defensive-driving course every three years. For complete Motor Vehicle Usage requirements and regulations, visit the MCCCD Legal Services website.

Official Absence Cards

The instructor or coach must obtain an official absence verification card for students who must miss another class(es) from the Office of Student Life or Leadership Center. Blank cards will not be distributed to students. The front side of the card must be completed and signed before distribution to the students. Completed official absence verification cards must be submitted to the Office of Student Life three (3) days BEFORE the official absence from class. No late submissions will be accepted.

Students may obtain an official absence verification card only for a personal issue, i.e., a death in the immediate family, jury duty, or religious holidays. Prior arrangements must be made by the student with each instructor for make-up work.

Field Trips Outside the United States

International travel is just one of the ways in which the MCCCD mission for global education is achieved. Please note that all international travel is subject to the rules and requirements stated in the existing travel regulations (Administrative Regulation 1.15 -- Travel). The Chancellor of the Maricopa County Community Colleges has final approval of all international travel regardless of funding source or destination. College Presidents have the first line of authority for international travel involving students, faculty, and staff at their colleges. Please click to review the International Travel Regulation and Process.

The GCC online student process cannot be completed for International Travel as a packet bearing all forms must be submitted. Faculty should work with the Department Chair and Vice President of Academic Affairs if such a trip is planned, and it is recommended you make an appointment with the Student Leadership Center to review the forms and Field Trips procedures. Forms must be submitted a minimum of two (2) full months prior to the trip. No late submissions will be accepted. Estimated expenses must be listed on the Travel Authorization Form prior to being routed. Actual reservations cannot be made nor prepaid until the travel has been approved.