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Management, Administrative & Technology

We welcome you and invite you to discover more about the value of MAT (Management, Administrative, and Technology policy group) membership through this website! You will find that we've compiled and organized a great deal of helpful information about our mission, our programs, and the benefits of membership.

What is MAT?

Your Management, Administration, and Technology employee policy group is a district-wide organization that represents all MAT employees across the Maricopa Community College district. MAT employees are board approved Maricopa Community Colleges employees, job grades 13 through 21, whose salary is more than 50% paid from Current Unrestricted Funds or Current Auxiliary Fund 2. Each college and the district office has a MAT association unit that is part of and affiliated with the district-wide MAT professional association.

MAT Goals

  1. To encourage an open, positive, and fear-free work environment.
  2. To improve the process of Collaborative Deliberations for MAT policies, salaries, and benefits.
  3. To ensure due process is followed regarding MAT policies.
  4. To promote MAT representation on District and college decision making bodies including, but not limited to: Financial Advisory Council, budget development committee, other executive committees.
  5. To enhance Professional Growth, Sabbaticals and renewal opportunities.
  6. To advance the Statement of Values (adopted 1995), as described in the MCCCD Vision Statement, with regard to our working relationships with employees, students, and the community.