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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
The easiest way to find a specific person is to search for their name in the search field at the top, right corner of the web site.  

To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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Sampson Jr, Joseph Not Provided joseph.sampson@gccaz.edu
Samudio, Luis Not Provided luis.samudio@gccaz.edu
Sanborn, Diane Not Provided diane.sanborn@gccaz.edu
Sanchez, Keith (623) 845-3247 keith.sanchez@gccaz.edu
Sandberg, Nicole Not Provided nicole.sandberg@gccaz.edu
Sanders, James (623) 845-3864 james.sanders@gccaz.edu
Sandoval, Trini (623) 845-3069 trini.sandoval@gccaz.edu
Sands, Carla (623) 845-3576 carla.sands@gccaz.edu
Sanger, Jeffrey Not Provided jeffrey.sanger@gccaz.edu
Sanger, Timothy Not Provided timothy.sanger.ii@gccaz.edu
Santiago Jr, Salvador Not Provided salvador.santiago.jr@gccaz.edu
Santo, Chris (602) 359-3520 c.callahan-santo@gccaz.edu
Sanzone, Ronald Not Provided ronald.sanzone.ii@gccaz.edu
Satterlee, Lauren Not Provided lauren.satterlee@gccaz.edu
Satterlee, Thomas Not Provided thomas.satterlee@gccaz.edu
Saunders, Bonnie (623) 825-7105 bonnie.saunders@gccaz.edu
Sawby, Ryan (623) 845-3860 ryan.sawby@gccaz.edu
Sawyer, Stephanie (623) 845-3794 stephanie.sawyer@gccaz.edu
Saxman, Dawn Not Provided dawn.saxman@gccaz.edu
Sayles, Ryan Not Provided ryan.sayles@gccaz.edu
Scarlett, Steve (480) 732-7280 steven.scarlett@gccaz.edu
Schallan, Joe (602) 286-8458 joseph.schallan@paradisevalley.edu
Schallan, Linda (623) 845-3112 linda.schallan@gccaz.edu
Schauer, Andrea Not Provided andrea.schauer@gccaz.edu
Schickel Sr, Paul Not Provided paul.schickel.sr@gccaz.edu
Schiller, Carol Not Provided c.schiller@gccaz.edu
Schiller, Jeffrey Not Provided jeffrey.schiller@gccaz.edu
Schiller, Zita Not Provided zita.shomlea@gccaz.edu
Schillerstrom, Ronni (602) 292-1175 r.schillerstrom@gccaz.edu
Schilling, Eric (623) 845-3655 eric.schilling@gccaz.edu
Schimanski, Lesley (623) 845-4585 lesley.schimanski@gccaz.edu
Schirmang, Tracy Not Provided tracy.schirmang@phoenixcollege.edu
Schmidt, Dave (623) 845-3725 dave.schmidt@gccaz.edu
Schmidt, Leanne Not Provided leanne.schmidt@gccaz.edu
Schneeg, John (734) 748-1543 john.schneeg@gccaz.edu
Schneider, Angela (602) 317-5235 angela.schneider@gccaz.edu
Schreiber, Ronnie (602) 749-4597 ronnie.schreiber@gccaz.edu
Schudel, Brian Not Provided brian.schudel@gccaz.edu
Schulz, Laurie (623) 845-4807 laurie.schulz@gccaz.edu
Schulz, Scott (623) 845-3876 scott.schulz@gccaz.edu