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Employee Directory

The tabs below sort employees by faculty or staff by department, or simply by last name. Click a name to view an individual's directory information.
The easiest way to find a specific person is to search for their name in the search field at the top, right corner of the web site.  

To find MCCCD employees outside of GCC use the MCCCD Employee Directory.

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Philosophy & Religious Studies Department
Marsh, Gerald Not Provided gerald.marsh@gccaz.edu
Pike, Kenneth Not Provided kenneth.pike@phoenixcollege.edu
Plummer, Scott Not Provided scott.plummer@gccaz.edu
Power, Pat (480) 221-9560 patricia.power@gccaz.edu
Reppert, Victor Not Provided victor.reppert@gccaz.edu
Richter, Fran (480) 225-4269 francine.richter@gccaz.edu
Roam, Sharenda (623) 845-4541 sharenda.roam@gccaz.edu
Roberts, Clint (405) 216-5313 clint.roberts@gccaz.edu
Saint-Amour, Jeanne (623) 845-3781 jeanne.saintamour@gccaz.edu
Stoker, Joel Not Provided joel.stoker@gccaz.edu
Sweat, Lynda (623) 561-8622 lynda.sweat@gccaz.edu
Thurston, Joel Not Provided joel.thurston@gccaz.edu
Tipton, Paul (623) 536-6729 paul.tipton@gccaz.edu
Updike, Eric (623) 845-3758 eric.updike@gccaz.edu
Valadez, Mayra Not Provided mayra.valadez@gccaz.edu
Walsh, David Not Provided david.walsh@gccaz.edu
Waskow, Julie (623) 845-3867 julie.waskow@gccaz.edu
Williams, David Not Provided david.williams@gccaz.edu
Physical Sciences Department
Boley, Allison Not Provided allison.boley@gccaz.edu
Burch, Theresa Not Provided theresa.m.burch@phoenixcollege.edu
Calderone, Gary (623) 845-3654 gary.calderone@gccaz.edu
Dellai, Cheryl (623) 845-3678 cheryl.dellai@gccaz.edu
Engstrom, Bill (623) 845-3675 william.engstrom@gccaz.edu
Gleim, Brian (623) 845-4766 brian.gleim@gccaz.edu
Gordon, Bruce Not Provided bruce.gordon@gccaz.edu
Guggino, Steve (623) 845-3675 steve.guggino@gccaz.edu
Joya, Deborah Not Provided deborah.joya@gccaz.edu
Kadel, Steve (623) 845-3618 s.kadel@gccaz.edu
Lombardo, Patricia Not Provided patricia.lombardo@gccaz.edu
Mot, Mircea (623) 680-3789 mircea.mot@gccaz.edu
Nelson, Pam (623) 845-3680 pam.nelson@gccaz.edu
Raffaelle, David (623) 845-3676 david.raffaelle@gccaz.edu
Temple, Scott Not Provided scott.temple@gccaz.edu
Watt, Kilo Not Provided keith.watt@gccaz.edu
Watt, Sally (623) 845-3386 sara.watt@gccaz.edu
Wood, Karrie (623) 845-4192 karrie.wood@gccaz.edu
Psychology Department
Altholz, Rachel Not Provided rachel.altholz@gccaz.edu
Anderson, Sarah Not Provided sarah.anderson@gccaz.edu
Betancourt Lopez, Ilder (623) 845-3730 ilder.betancourt.lopez@gccaz.edu
Boninger, David Not Provided david.boninger@gccaz.edu


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Higa, Lisa Not Provided lisa.higa@gccaz.edu
Higgins, James Not Provided james.higgins@gccaz.edu
Higgins, Joshua Not Provided joshua.higgins@gccaz.edu
Higgins, Michael Not Provided michael.higgins@gccaz.edu
High, Susan (623) 845-3052 s.high@gccaz.edu
Hight, Lisa Not Provided lisa.hight@mesacc.edu
Hilding, Theresa (623) 845-3509 theresa.hilding@gccaz.edu
Hill, Larissa (623) 845-4925 larissa.hill@gccaz.edu
Hill, Michael Not Provided michael.hill@gccaz.edu
Hill, Shelby Not Provided shelby.hill@gccaz.edu
Hill, Shelton Not Provided shelton.hill@gccaz.edu
Hill, Tiana Not Provided tiana.hill@gccaz.edu
Hilton, Linda Not Provided linda.hilton@gccaz.edu
Himes, Nicole Not Provided nicole.himes@gccaz.edu
Hinau, Laura (623) 845-3286 laura.hinau@gccaz.edu
Hinojosa, Marguerite Not Provided marguerite.hinojosa@gccaz.edu
Hite, Aprill Not Provided aprill.hite@gccaz.edu
Hobbs, Chuck (623) 933-6292 charles.hobbs@gccaz.edu
Hobson, Jared Not Provided jared.hobson@gccaz.edu
Hodges, Rosalee (623) 581-9643 rosalee.hodges@gccaz.edu
Hoeffer, Patricia Not Provided patricia.hoeffer@gccaz.edu
Hofer, Thomas Not Provided tom.hofer@estrellamountain.edu
Holgate Kreiger, Holly Not Provided holly.holgate.kreiger@gccaz.edu
Holland, Akisha Not Provided akisha.holland@gccaz.edu
Holland, Jamie (623) 845-3459 jamie.holland@gccaz.edu
Holleman, John (623) 845-4758 john.holleman@gccaz.edu
Holliday, Adam Not Provided adam.holliday@gccaz.edu
Holloway, Steven Not Provided steven.holloway@gccaz.edu
Holstein, Marc Not Provided marc.holstein@gccaz.edu
Holt, Courtney (623) 845-3581 courtney.holt@gccaz.edu
Holtfrerich, Michael (623) 845-3772 m.holtfrerich@gccaz.edu
Hopkinson, David Not Provided david.hopkinson@gccaz.edu
Hoppe II, Steven Not Provided steven.hoppe.ii@gccaz.edu
Hopson, Erika Not Provided erika.hopson@gccaz.edu
Horn, Gary Not Provided gary.horn@gccaz.edu
Hoshor, Jeanie (623) 845-3225 jeanie.hoshor@gccaz.edu
Hourihan, Richard (623) 845-3225 richard.hourihan@gccaz.edu
Howard, Jennifer Not Provided jennifer.boone@gccaz.edu
Howell, Reagan (623) 845-3535 reagan.howell@gccaz.edu
Hudson, Michelle Not Provided michelle.hudson@gccaz.edu