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Mark Baldwin


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(623) 845-3865

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Mark is a native of Northern California and first moved to the Phoenix Area in 1990. He attended Northern Arizona University and graduated with a BS Ed in History with the intention of being a History Teacher. In his first year, he found some old Mac's that hadn't been used in a decade and created an integrated curriculum leveraging what technology he had. This turned into a technology teaching job and then training staff as he taught the students. Mark created an integrated curriculum and went from school to school, working for a year or two while teaching the curriculum and training the staff to take over.

After his 10th year as a teacher, Mark accepted the position as Technology Trainer at Rio's Information Services Department. His 6 years at Rio saw hundreds of training sessions and thousands of documents and websites created. He has a hands-on approach to learning and believes in integrating technology where it is beneficial...not just doing it because it can be done.