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Margo Bates

Department Role: 
Fitness Center Manager
I have my B.S in Exercise Science and my M.S. in Nutrition Education. ACSM certified National BODYPUMP™, BODYSTEP™ and CXWORX™ Trainer/Presenter for Les Mills International .

Contact Information

Office Number: 
Phone number: 
(623) 845-3341

My Biography

My name is Margo Bates, and I fell in love with fitness when I was a young girl. My love for fitness has always been great which led me to major in this field while earning my undergrad. I enjoy sharing my passion for exercise with our credit and non-credit students at GCC!

I am the Fitness Center Manager at GCC, and I love being a part of this campus!

Classes I Teach

Summer 2016
Course Name Sect Campus
FITNESS500-00001 Community Member One Semester 10863 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00002 Community Fitness Short Term 10873 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00005 Senior/H.S. One Semester 10861 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00007 FC Four Visits 10860 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00008 FC One Month I 10855 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00009 FC One Month II 10865 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00016 FC Prorated Annual/June-Dec. 10870 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00017 FC Prorated Annual/July-Dec. 10874 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00018 Community Member-One Semester 10875 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00020 FC Corp. Annual Payroll 10856 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00021 FC Corp. One Semester 10857 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00022 FC Annual 10858 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00023 FC Annual Family 10872 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00024 FC GCC Employee - One Semester 10859 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00025 FC GCC Employee Annual 10876 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00026 FC Athletes/Dancers Crossover 10867 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00040 FC Personal Training (1) 10868 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00041 FC Personal Training (6) 10869 GCC MAIN
FITNESS500-00082 Personal Training -30 min sess 18630 GCC MAIN