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Lovinder Gill

Program or Group: 
Digital Cinema Arts

Contact Information

Office Number: 
FA-3 112
Phone number: 
(623) 845-3982

Classes I Teach

Fall 2014
Course Name Sect Campus
TCM111 Screenwriting I 15847 GCC MAIN
TCM134 Pre-Production for Motion Picture and Television 41280 GCC MAIN
TCM135 Production for Motion Picture and Television 15861 GCC MAIN
TCM285AC Special Topics: Motion Picture/Television Production 41307 GCC MAIN
VPT208 Production Company Management 15826 GCC MAIN
Spring 2015
Course Name Sect Campus
TCM211 Screenwriting II 38332 GCC MAIN
VPT214AA Video Production Internship 12772 GCC MAIN
VPT214AB Video Production Internship 12773 GCC MAIN
VPT214AC Video Production Internship 12774 GCC MAIN