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Lara Scott

Adjunct Faculty
Child & Adolescent Behavior Assertiveness Training/Counseling Marriage/Couples Counseling

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By appointment.

My Biography

My educational background includes a BA in Human Communication; an M.Ed. in Counseling and I've completed a post-graduate program in Clinical Counseling. I am a Certified Guidance Counselor and a Licensed Associate Counselor. 

My professional experience is both in education and counseling. I've provided counseling for all ages, through individual, marriage and groups. I've also worked as a high school guidance counselor, providing academic and personal-social guidance. I currently teach both face-to-face and online, undergraduate and graduate courses. I also work as an on-call therapist as a behavioral health hospital.

Classes I Teach

Fall 2014
Course Name Sect Campus
CPD150 Strategies for College Success 16637 GCC MAIN
CPD160 Introduction to Multiculturalism 41145 GCC MAIN
Spring 2015
Course Name Sect Campus
CPD150 Strategies for College Success 13563 GCC MAIN
CPD150 Strategies for College Success 13564 GCC MAIN