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Kam Majer , Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information

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Phone number: 
(623) 845-3732

My Biography

Philosophy of Education
The key words for me are "fun and demanding/caring." I like my student to have fun in my classes, but I am sort of a demanding instructor. I want my students to do their best, to learn, understand, and remember the material from the course. Some people consider this demanding; I consider it caring about my students. My classes focus on individual and group activities, student/instructor interaction and projects.

Professional Interests
Mentoring part-time faculty members in the department, revising and updating curriculum in my courses as well as developing new classes, developing cooperative learning activities, making presentations at professional meetings, increasing my own personal knowledge base, working as a departmental liaison with other academic institutions and staying as far away as possible from administrative duties which include getting up early, budgets, and boring meetings. This last part is hard to manage, given my job as Chair of the department.

Personal Interests
Spending more time having fun than working each week which could include running and playing with my dog, Sedona, and my cat, Lilly, biking and hiking with friends, cooking wonderful things to eat or going to my favorite restaurants or exploring new ethnic restaurants, reading fiction, going to movies, shopping, traveling, sending e-mails to my friends, and drinking Chardonnay!