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Esmeralda Delaney

Program or Group: 
Three Dimensional Studies

Contact Information

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(623) 845-3760

Classes I Teach

Spring 2018
Course Name Sect Campus
ART115 Three-Dimensional Design 12099 GCC MAIN
ART151 Sculpture I 12054 GCC MAIN
ART152 Sculpture II 12055 GCC MAIN
ART155 Glass Fusing and Slumping I 12134 GCC MAIN
ART156 Glass Fusing and Slumping II 12161 GCC MAIN
ART161 Ceramics I 12064 GCC MAIN
ART162 Ceramics II 12065 GCC MAIN
ART251 Sculpture III 12056 GCC MAIN
ART252 Sculpture IV 12057 GCC MAIN
ART256 Glass Fusing and Slumping III 12162 GCC MAIN
ART257 Glass Fusing and Slumping IV 12163 GCC MAIN
ART261 Ceramics III 12066 GCC MAIN
ART262 Ceramics IV 12067 GCC MAIN
ART290AC Studio Art 12058 GCC MAIN
ART290AC Studio Art 12068 GCC MAIN
ART290AC Studio Art 12164 GCC MAIN
Esmeralda Delaney