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Dana Perry


Contact Information

Office Number: 
PS 118A
Phone number: 
(623) 845-4679

My Biography

Dana Perry started her college studies at a community college in California then transferred to The University of Arizona, where she earned a B.S. and a M.S. in atmospheric sciences in 1992 and 1994, respectively.  After briefly teaching chemistry at a community college in Ohio, she decided to get a degree in chemistry in order to continue her teaching opportunities.  She returned to Arizona, and in 2003, earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from Arizona State University.  Maintaining a passion for meteorology, her dissertation research focused on atmospheric chemistry and particulate air pollution.  For five years, she was a faculty member in the Physical Sciences department at Harold Washington College, a community college in downtown Chicago, where she taught various chemistry and physical sciences courses, started a meteorology course, and mentored students in the Undergraduate Research Collaborative.  Currently, she is adjunct faculty in chemistry at Glendale Community College.  She enjoys playing games (board games, Wii, etc.) with her husband and two daughters, cooking (she likes to study the chemistry of chocolate!), and she’s always happy to talk about the weather.

Classes I Teach

Spring 2016
Course Name Sect Campus
CHM130 Fundamental Chemistry 13905 GCC MAIN
CHM130 Fundamental Chemistry 13909 GCC MAIN
CHM130 Fundamental Chemistry 13964 GCC MAIN
CHM151 General Chemistry I 14002 GCC MAIN
CHM151LL General Chemistry I Lab 13941 GCC MAIN
CHM151LL General Chemistry I Lab 13944 GCC MAIN
Dana Perry