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Ray Esparza


Contact Information

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(623) 845-3237

Classes I Teach

Fall 2014
Course Name Sect Campus
CIS126AA UNIX Operating System: Level I 16084 GCC MAIN
CIS126BA UNIX Operating System: Level II 16085 GCC MAIN
CIS126CA UNIX Operating System: Level III 16086 GCC MAIN
CIS126DL LINUX Operating System 16087 GCC MAIN
CIS238DL LINUX System Administration 42212 GCC MAIN
CIS240DL LINUX Network Administration 16154 GCC MAIN
CIS270 Essentials of Network and Information Security 16092 GCC MAIN
ITS110 Information Security Fundamentals 16173 GCC MAIN
ITS240 Ethical Hacking and Network Defense 38705 GCC MAIN
ITS292 Advanced Computer Forensics 16233 GCC MAIN
MST155DA Windows Server Network Infrastructure Configuration 38706 GCC MAIN