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Aaron Fried

Department Role: 
Head Trainer

Contact Information

Office Number: 
AT 132
Phone number: 
(623) 845-3043

Classes I Teach

Fall 2015
Course Name Sect Campus
EXS150 Introduction to Sports Management 19349 GCC MAIN
EXS214 Instructional Competency: Flexibility and Mind- Body Exercises 44241 GCC MAIN
EXS265BB Basketball Theory of Coaching 19278 GCC MAIN
HES100 Healthful Living 19302 GCC NORTH
HES100 Healthful Living 19313 GCC NORTH
HES271 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries 43979 GCC MAIN
HES273 Athletic Training: Advanced Wrapping and Taping Techniques 19247 GCC MAIN
Aaron Fried