What is Recyclable?

GCC offers single stream/commingled recycling at both campuses. Recycling services are provided by the City of Glendale at GCC Main and Allied Waste Services at GCCN. Recyclable materials should be relatively CDE (Clean, Dry & Empty).  The following list of acceptable materials are recyclable at both campuses:

  • Aluminum, such as cans, foil, and food trays.
  • Cardboard, empty of all packing materials and broken down.
  • Cartons, such as half-gallon milk or juice cartons.
  • Chipboard, like cereal, cracker, and cake mix boxes (without inserts).
  • Mixed Paper, such as magazines, junk mail, catalogs, brown paper bags, telephone directories, and newspapers.
  • Plastic Containers 1-7, such as water bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent and fabric softener bottles, yogurt containers, margarine tubs, and food containers. No plastic bags, Styrofoam, or bubble wrap.
  • Steel/Tin, like soup or vegetable cans.

Do not recycle: Tissues, Paper towels, Sanitizing Wipes, Candy wrappers, Chip bags, Plastic bags, Liquids, Anything with food stuck to it, Styrofoam, or Soda Straws. Evidence of garbage will disqualify the entire contents of a bin for recycling, and everything will be sent to the city landfill. GCC will be billed if a recycle bin is contaminated with garbage.

Download - Green Gaucho Guide: Commingled Recycling (.pdf)



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