Commingled Recycling

Recycling is easy at GCC! We offer single stream/commingled recycling at both campuses.  All acceptable materials can be deposited into any of the recycle bins on campus.  Recycling diverts waste from the landfill and reduces our GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The college is currently taking an inventory of GHG emissions and developing a Climate Action Plan per the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).

"Commingled" means no sorting required. All recyclables including paper products, aluminum cans, plastic containers/bottles, and boxes can be deposited into the same container. All recyclables are taken to the Glendale Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). It is a recyclables processing center designed to sort and process recycling materials into marketable goods.

When GCC complies with the acceptable materials list, the City of Glendale does not charge for recycling. This reduces the mass waste generated by the college and saves the college money.

If the containers have unacceptable materials or "mass waste," then the recycle technician removes the materials from the recycle stream and puts them back into the waste stream. This is done to prevent contamination of all of the recyclables. If the City of Glendale container has mass waste, the entire container is taken to the city landfill and GCC is charged a standard waste disposal fee.

Go GREEN, Save GREEN. Your participation in the GCC Recycle Program saves money and helps reduce the carbon footprint of the college. Support campus recycling by utilizing the commingled recycling stations on campus.




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