Shipping & Tracking

Package Shipping and Online Package Tracking

The GCC Receiving office ships outgoing packages via UPS. Labels are prepared online using the UPS Worldship program. For your convenience, an automated email can be generated offering rapid notifications about changes in your shipment's status. Just specify the e-mail addresses and the events (Ship, Exception, or Delivery). Then you will be notified when any one of those three events occur.

Shipping Packages

Required information:

  • Ship to business name, attention to and address (unable to ship to P.O. Boxes).
  • When it needs to arrive.
  • Insured value.
  • Requester's email address (for tracking information).

Preparation of the Package

Prepare the item to be shipped.
Ensure that the box and/or envelope is securely closed, packing tape is available at the Receiving Dock.

Provide the Package to Receiving

Deliver Package to Receiving
If the package is too large or heavy contact Receiving for assistance.

Same Day Shipping
Items delivered prior to 9:30 a.m. will be picked up by UPS the same day. Any deliveries after 9:30 a.m. will go out the next business day. Please do not drop off package without informing Receiving. If there is any incomplete information on the package it will not be sent out.

Instructions for Receiving
When dropping off the package, provide Receiving with any special instructions or if the package needs to be insured for any amount over $100.

Tracking Packages Online

What you need to know:

  • Airbill or tracking number
  • Name of carrier (see chart below)

Where do I get a tracking number?

If the package is being sent out from the campus:
The receiving clerk can provide this number for you. If you are shipping UPS, the number will be available immediately. Other carriers provide this number upon picking up your package.

If the package is coming from the vendor:
Call the vendor for the tracking number and shipping company What do I do with a tracking number? Click on the appropriate link (carrier name) below, the link provided will take you directly to that carriers tracking page. Enter the number in the tracking window and click on the track button.