Class Modification Request

This form is for GCC faculty requesting to move a class (in the current semester only) temporarily, into a room other than what was normally scheduled. Please allow up to seven business days to process this request.

For activity occurring outside normal class time, e.g. supplemental instruction, review session, open lab, etc. please submit your request through 25Live.

For a permanent class move, please see your department secretary for assistance in filling out a Change of Master Schedule request.

General Information
(e.g. ENG101)
(e.g. 12345)
Date Information

Up to 10 dates total may be entered ad hoc.

Location Preference
Please specify.
(media equipment, furnishing, open space, etc.)

Please Note the Following:

Moving the class permanently requires a Change of Master Schedule request instead, from the department chair or secretary.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 5-3555 for assistance with unlocking the instructor workstation.



Room: EC-124A
Phone: (623) 845-3515