AzBLC - Arizona Business Leadership Club

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To enhance business and leadership skills and to provide networking opportunities with the business community.

A great place to:

  • Learn about & participate in Internships.
  • Make connections, tour businesses, & attend conferences.
  • Hear about jobs from experts in Business, IT, & related fields.
  • Have fun & build lifelong friendships.
  • Volunteer to help the community.
  • Dream BIG: what would YOU like to do?

What types of activities does the club hold?
The Business Club offers opportunities to participate in many events, such as small business and entrepreneurial seminars, touring businesses, networking opportunities, hosting guest speakers from the business community, and community outreach projects.

Will I be obligated to pay for anything?
Membership is free. Some events have fees attached, although a portion of expenses may be paid with allocated funds received from the Associated Student Government and/or existing funds in the clubs’ accounts.

Will this club help me land a job or internship?
Business Club members are provided unique networking opportunities with outside companies who are interested in GCC students.




Room: 02-125
Phone: (623) 845-4601