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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an out-of-class, group study session designed to help you make sense of challenging classroom material. 

What's so great about SI? 

  • You'll meet regularly in a study session led by a student who has successfully taken the course.
  • You'll learn how to review for quizzes and tests, and share study tips with other students.
  • You'll be more successful in the class you're taking.

SI sessions are facilitated by SI Leaders, students who have already completed the course and received an "A" letter grade.  In fact, you might see them in class.  They attend lectures, take notes and read course materials to be able to help you understand the class.

SI is available for the classes below.  Click on the SI Leader to email them now, and ask how to get started.


BIO 156 Dr. Karen Conzelman Nicole Maulfair
BIO 156 Mary Corbett Mona Patel
BIO 181
Dr. Sagarika Dash
Dr. Jim Touhy
Teresa Lupone
BIO 182 Dr. Eric Gergus Rand Hanna
BIO 201 Dr. Angela Mick Jaclyn Thomas
BIO 201 Dr. Terry Ranta Aaron Frisby
BIO 201 Dr. Terry Ranta Hosanna Chism
BIO 201, BIO 205 Dr. Justin York Becky Childs
BIO 202 Dr. Karl Krout Cody Delvecchio
BIO 201 Dr. Angela Mick Monica Granniss
ECN 211, ECN 212 Gay Garesché  Dominique Valdizan
MAT 182, MAT 230 Janell D'Mura Bruce Phillips
MAT 220 Mr. Warren Faulkner Bailey Leavitt
MAT 230 Anne Dudley Bridgette Sotelo
PHI101, PHI104 Peter Lupu Nick Gigliotti
PHI 103 Dr. Eric Updike Chris Brown
PHI 103 Dr. Eric Updike Robert Sharman
PHI 216 Dr. Jeanne Saint-Amour Derek Ayala
PHY 101 Mary Harris Bryan Idehen
PHY 111, PHY 112 Dr. David Raffaelle Tony Chapman
PHY 115, PHY 116 Cheryl Dellai Shayne Caraway
PSY 230 Dr. Karina Sokol Brian Schudel
PSY 290 Dr. Julie Morrison Alexandria Harty
REL 205, REL 207 Dr. Janet Carleton Derek Ayala




Building: Center for Learning (CFL)
Phone: (623) 845-3812
Hours of Operation vary for individual offices.

Supplemental instruction, taught by student peer, in BIO.