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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

If you find yourself struggling because English is not your first language, visit the Center for Learning. We offer non-credit English classes for students who want to improve their English skills.

Choose from a variety of ESOL classes, from "basic" for students new to the language, to "advanced" for students who want to add to their English skills. Choose from weekday and Saturday in-person classes, or hybrid, online courses. Online courses feature voice recognition and language learning for specific career fields, along with the convenience of studying at your convenience - anywhere, anytime! See the Non-Credit ESOL brochure (.pdf).

In order to take non-credit ESOL classes you must first take an assessment test, and pay the non-credit class fee.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Links and Resources 

English as a Second Language -  a good starting point for ESOL students.

The Internet Picture Dictionary -  study English while learning English vocabulary.

The OWL at Purdue: ESOL Resources - basic resources for ESOL instructors and students.

English Grammar Printables/Handouts/Worksheets (ESL) (practice) -  worksheets and quizzes on verb tenses, phrasal verbs, articles, prepositions, pronouns, countable and non-countable nouns and more.

English Pronunciation for ESOL Students (practice) -  videos, exercises, tongue twisters and related resources to help ESOL students practice English pronunciation.

Activities for ESOL Students (practice)  - quizzes, tests, exercises, and puzzles that are designed to help ELOS students practice English.

ESOL Cyber Listening Lab (practice) - general listening conversations with follow-up quizzes.




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