Program Overview

English majors analyze texts—poems, stories, novels, essays, and other literary works—and find new ways to understand them. This analytic skill can be applied practically on the job, as can the superior writing skills English majors have. Many English majors also possess creative, flexible minds that can offer fresh approaches to situations in several workplaces. English majors also have a chance to help make a difference on a global level. As English is currently the international language, those who understand the language well enough to teach it abroad are in high demand.

University Transfer

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General Program Information

An English degree can be a valuable asset in many fields, not all of them obvious. The discipline’s emphasis on clear writing is a plus, of course, but there’s something more: an understanding of people through the study of literature. English majors are taught a variety of skills to include the analysis, organization and interpretation of information, professional research and investigative methods such as the usage of credible sources and the deterrence of plagiarism, which is an act one can be fined for in the professional world, and critical thinking by evaluation and criticism of various literary works. English majors are also encouraged to explore their own creative ability through creative writing projects and explore writings from different cultures such as Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

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