Computers: Information Security

Program Overview

The widespread use of the Internet and intranets has resulted in an increased focus on security. Security threats range from damaging computer viruses to online credit card fraud and identity theft. Most organizations are now employing the services of security consulting firms which specialize in all aspects of information technology (IT) security. These firms assess computer systems for areas of vulnerability, manage firewalls and provide protection against intrusion and software viruses. They also play a vital role in homeland security by keeping track of people and information.

Associate in Applied Science

Certificate of Completion

General Program Information

Programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and tools to understand how networks, operating systems and programs function. The programs are designed to meet the training needs of government and industry employees. The programs cover a variety of neutral and vendor-specific information technology (IT) security training. The Information Security program prepares students for internationally recognized IT certifications and the complex demands of business, industry and government.

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