Automotive Technology

Program Overview

Automotive technicians repair, inspect, and maintain vehicles that run on gasoline, diesel fuel, electricity or other alternative fuel combinations. Automotive technicians must continually adapt to changing technology and repair techniques as vehicle components and systems become increasingly sophisticated. For this reason, technicians must have knowledge and skill in a variety of different areas.

The number of jobs for automobile technicians is projected to grow faster than average for all occupations between 2006-2016, including a 28% growth in Arizona and 14% for the entire United States.

General Program Information

GCC offers three major manufacturer-sponsored degree programs, offered in cooperation with General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Also available are a General Automotive Program degree path, a Modular Accelerated Training (MAT) program, and a wide variety of individual training classes. In addition, a variety of specialized training programs are available.

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  • Auto supply stores
  • Gas and service stations
  • Auto repair shops
  • Auto dealerships

Job Titles

  • transmission
  • drivability
  • suspension
  • alignment
  • trim
  • electrical
  • electronics
  • wiring
  • HVAC
  • engine repair
  • brake and chassis