Welding & Woodworking

Welding courses at GCC cover principles and techniques of electric arc and oxyacetylene welding and cutting, and provide technical theory and basic skill training in these welding processes. WLD classes are held off campus at Paradise Valley High School and Westview High School.

Learn woodworking fundamentals through advanced cabinetry. Safe usage of basic woodworking hand tools, stationary and portable power tools is emphasized in GTC courses held off campus at Sunnyslope High School. Class projects develop a working project plan, identify material needs, cost analysis, construction of the project, and finishing techniques.

WLD Courses

Course Course Name
WLD 101 Welding I
WLD 201 Welding II


Course Course Name
GTC 107 Technical Mathematics I
GTC 127 Beginning Woodworking
GTC 128 Intermediate Woodworking
GTC 144 Introduction to Cabinetmaking
GTC 145 Advanced Cabinetmaking
GTC 156 Furniture Upholstery I
GTC 157 Furniture Upholstery II
GTC 158 Furniture Upholstery III
GTC 159 Furniture Upholstery IV
GTC 298AC Special Projects


Program Director


Room: T1-128
Phone: (623) 845-3164