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The Food & Nutrition Department at GCC has been an innovative leader in providing nutrition education. We strive to educate people of all walks of life and professional backgrounds about the importance of healthful nutrition behaviors. Our goal is to help our students apply their knowledge in a practical and professional manner where the end result is improved health.

Our department offers both academic and occupational programs.  We currently support four MAPP degrees for transfer to ASU in a variety of nutrition fields.  In 2000, the Nutrition Department collaborated with the Fitness & Wellness Department to create two occupational programs, a certificate and an AAS degree program, that help prepare students for immediate entry into the fitness workforce.   

Center for Nutrition in Health & Performance

The most popular course, FON241LL Human Nutrition Lab, is used to provide students with tangible lab experience geared towards individual health improvement.  This course will meet the General Education Science General (SG) requirements. The Nutrition Science Lab has state of the art equipment just like what's found at major universities across the country.

MAPP Makes It Easy to Transfer

MAPP, the Maricopa-ASU Pathways Program, is designed to make it easy to transfer your associate’s degree to ASU in order to continue your education. MAPP students who agree to complete GCC coursework within three years have the benefits of assured acceptance and a seamless transfer.     
See an academic advisor to learn more or see a list of all ASU MAPP transfer programs.

FON Courses

Course Course Name
FON 100 Introductory Nutrition
FON 105 Nutrition Principles for Fitness Professionals
FON 125 Introduction to Professions in Nutrition and Dietetics
FON 142AB Applied Food Principles
FON 143 Food and Culture
FON 207 Introduction to Nutrition Services Management
FON 210 Sports Nutrition and Supplements for Physical Activity
FON 230 Nutrition for Special Populations
FON 241 Principles of Human Nutrition
FON 241LL Human Nutrition Lab



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