Family Life Education

Degrees & Certificates

This degree and certificate program prepares individuals to enter the family life education, human development, or child and family organizations field at the paraprofessional level. Students at a paraprofessional level can expect to find employment opportunities in adoption and foster care, adult day care, crisis care, senior citizen centers, social service agencies, facilities for the disabled and developmentally challenged, community mental health clinics, psychiatric facilities, shelters and other child and family community-based organizations.

CFS Courses

Course Course Name
CFS 114 Working with the Hyperactive Child
CFS 120 Contmp Issues Erly Child
CFS 123 Health and Nutrition In Early Childhood Settings
CFS 125 Safety in Early Childhood Settings
CFS 157 Marriage & Family Life
CFS 176 Child Development
CFS 177 Parent-Child Interaction
CFS 183 Contemporary Issues in Adolescence
CFS 190 Home-Based Visitation
CFS 205 Human Development



Program Director


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Phone: (623) 845-4479