CISCO networking courses prepare students for the CCNA exam.

CISCO, Computer & Network Technology

CISCO networking is the industry standard training for future network administrators. With an associates degree in networking technology or certificate in network maintenance or administration, you'll be well-prepared to take the next step toward your CISCO certification.

Since 1999, GCC has offered day and evening 8-week CISCO networking classes that prepare students for the CCNA exam and secondary levels of certification. Associates degrees in networking technology and certificates in network maintenance and administration include courses in routing & switching, scaling networks, and connecting networks, all of which prepare you to take the CCNA exam. GCC offers secondary certification level courses in implementing network security, wireless and preparation for the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification.

The CISCO Networking program maintains the most current technology, systems and tools so that students become proficient with the most recent equipment. Instructors take recurrent training courses themselves to stay on top of the latest industry developments.

CNT Courses

Course Course Name
CNT 140AA Introduction to Networks
CNT 150AA Cisco - Routing and Switching Essentials
CNT 160AA Scaling Networks
CNT 170AA Cisco - Connecting Networks
CNT 171 CCNA Exam Prep
CNT 200 CCNP ROUTE: Implementing Cisco IP Routing
CNT 205 CCNA Security
CNT 206 CCNA Wireless
CNT 220 CCNP SWITCH: Implementing Cisco IP Switching

NET Courses

Course Course Name
NET 127 How Computers Work
NET 181 Visual Basic for Technology
NET 183AA Operating Systems/PC
NET 271 Microcomputer Maintenance I: A+ Prep


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