Social science disciplines teach critical thinking and observation skills, and challenge us to examine the world around us.

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The study of Sociology offers perspectives and methodologies that help us ask questions about our social behavior. Sociology is particularly concerned with how our behaviors are shaped by the context in which they occur, and secondly, how societies are established and change.

Sociology courses ask the questions that examine social behavior and human groups. Race, ethnicity, gender, age, class, and socio-cultural issues influence our attitudes and behavior. Their effect on culture, socialization, social structure, stratification, social institutions, and differentiation are explored in Sociology courses at GCC.

Sociology also teaches functional research techniques that can be applied to the study useful is with the environment, crime and criminal justice, client satisfaction in a business firm, the provision of medical care, or the problems of poverty or marketing.

Transfer Opportunities

Most GCC classes fulfill ASU's General Studies requirements in multiple areas, including ASU’s B.S. and B.A programs. 

Careers in Sociology

A degree in sociology is an excellent springboard into higher education or the industries of social research, criminology, demography, social psychology, public administration, gerontology, education, rehabilitation, social work, and market research.

Sociology also provides a useful background for those planning to enter law, business, medicine, community planning, architecture, and politics.  Sociologists work in private firms, government and non-governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Areas such as social inequalities, human rights, race and ethnic relations, gender issues, social problems, development or social movements or promote human welfare, as well as fields such as teaching human resources, marketing, program evaluation, and public policy.

Courses Offered

Click the course prefix to see course listings, education designations, open classes, days and times in Maricopa Find-a-Class. All Sociology courses meet the Social & Behavioral (SB) requirement.

Courses Offered

Coursesort descending Course Name
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 110 Drugs & Society
SOC 130 Human Sexuality
SOC 140 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 212 Gender and Society
SOC 251 Social Problems


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