Geography students study the world.

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What is geography? Defined, “geo” means earth, and “graphy” means writing. Literally, the word geography means writing about the earth.

Physical geographers concentrate on topics like weather, climate, soils, landforms, etc., while cultural geographers investigate how people interact with each other (historically, culturally, publically, etc.) and how they interact with their environment.

Careers in Cultural and Physical Geography

Earning a degree in geography can lead to a wide variety of employment areas, including urban planner/community development, dartographer, GIS specialist, climatologist, environmental management, researcher, teacher and demographer.

Transfer Geography Credits

GCC’s core classes transfer to ASU’s Geography Bachelor of Science degree program.

Courses Offered

Students enroll in geography classes to fulfill their general education requirements or because they are planning to major in geography.  Courses in geography fulfill general education requirements in the core areas of Natural Sciences [SB] and/or [SG], Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB], Cultural Diversity in the U.S. [C], Global Awareness [G], Humanities, Arts and Design [HU], and Historical Awareness [H].

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GCU Courses

Course Course Name
GCU 121 World Geography I: Eastern Hemisphere
GCU 122 World Geography II: Western Hemisphere
GCU 221 Arizona Geography

GPH Courses

Course Course Name
GPH 111 Introduction to Physical Geography
GPH 212 Introduction to Meteorology I
GPH 213 Introduction to Climatology
GPH 214 Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory I
GPH 215 Introduction to Climatology Laboratory

SSH Courses

Course Course Name
SSH 111 Sustainable Cities

SUS Courses

Course Course Name
SUS 110 Sustainable World