EMT and paramedic students graduate prepared to take national certification exams.

Emergency Medical Technology

EMT Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Applied Science
Emergency Response and Operations (EMT) (AAS)

Certificate of Completion
Emergency Medical Technology (CCL)
Paramedicine (CCL)

As crisis first-responders, EMTs and paramedics use their quick thinking and competent skills to provide life-saving, pre-hospital care in the field.

Students who purse an associate’s degree in Emergency Response and Operations can tailor their training to focus on one of four tracks: fire operations, paramedicine, emergency management or fire science.

The EMT degree and certificate courses teach basic patient assessment, treatment of medically or traumatically compromised patients, special hazards, and medical operations.

We also offer basic CPR courses for the general public, and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and renewal CPR certification for health care professionals.

Emergency Medical Technology

Course Course Name
EMT 101 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Basic Cardiac Life Support
EMT 102AB Emergency Medical Responder
EMT 104 Emergency Medical Technology
EMT 104AB Applied Practical Studies for Emergency Medical Technology
EMT 108 Tactical Safety and Street Survival for EMTs
EMT 200 Refresher Course for Certified Emergency Medical Technicians
EMT 200AA EMT Certification Renewal Challenge
EMT 235 Emergency Cardiac Care
EMT 236 Pharmacology in an Emergency Setting
EMT 240 Advanced Cardiac Life Support




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