Audio production students learn all aspects of recording sound.

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Commercial Music

Audio Production, Sound Design, Music Business & Electronic Music


The GCC music and studio recording facilities feature the latest equipment and digital technology. A renowned faculty of diverse practicing artists works closely with students foster creativity and help define and meet individual artistic and career goals.

Classes include studio music recording, electronic music, sound design, music business, digital audio, music theory, live sound reinforcement and music internships. Students may pursue studies to complete a degree or for personal artistic growth.

These classes are for students interested in careers as musicians, composers, producers, DJs, live-sound reinforcement enthusiasts, broadcast audio engineers, and post-production technologists. Classes emphasize aesthetics, creativity, technical training, and entrepreneurial skills in a collaborative environment.

Make an appointment with Occupational Program Director David Schmidt for advisement.

Music: Commercial/Business

Course Course Name
MUC 109 Music Business: Merchandising and the Law
MUC 110 Music Business: Recording and Mass Media
MUC 111 Digital Audio Workstation I (DAW I)
MUC 112 Digital Audio Workstation II (DAW II)
MUC 122 Sound Design I
MUC 135 Introduction to Disc Jockey Techniques
MUC 145 Recording Studio Business Operations
MUC 194 Introduction to Audio Mixing Techniques
MUC 195 Studio Music Recording I
MUC 196 Studio Music Recording II




Room: MU-117
Phone: (623) 845-3739

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Audio production students use professional editing software tools.