Fitness and Wellness group exercise classes are open to students and the public.

Course Offerings

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PED Courses

Group fitness classes are open to students, employees and the public of any fitness level. Try Boot Camp, Belly Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, Camping, Hiking, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Self Defense, Pilates, Stretch and Relax, Body Sculpting, Weight Training, Tai Chi, Tennis, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Triathlon, Yoga and Zumba.

Check out the group fitness class offerings at GCC North for Fall 2014 (.pdf). Try Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Self Defense, Hiking and Zumba.

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PED Courses

Course Course Name
PED 101 Physical Activities: Basic
PED 101AP Adapted PE
PED 101BB Basketball
PED 101BC Boot Camp
PED 101BE Belly Dance
PED 101BP Backpacking
PED 101BS Body Sculpting
PED 101CD Country Dance
PED 101CP Camping
PED 101CY Cycling - Indoor


EXS Courses

Course Course Name
EXS 101 Intro Ex Sci, Kinesiology, PE
EXS 112 Prof Applications/Fitness Prin
EXS 123 Active for Life
EXS 125 Intro to Exercise Physiology
EXS 130 Strength Fitness-Physiological Principles and Training Techniques
EXS 132 Cardiovascular Fitness: Physiological Principles and Training Techniques
EXS 138 Starting Your Own Personal Training Business
EXS 139 Practical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship
EXS 139AA Practical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship
EXS 139AB Practical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship


HES Courses

Course Course Name
HES 100 Healthful Living
HES 107 Community First Aid
HES 154 First Aid/CPR
HES 201 Substance Abuse & Behavior
HES 271 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries
HES 272 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training
HES 273 Athletic Training: Advanced Wrapping and Taping Techniques

WED Courses

Course Course Name
WED 151 Intro Alternatv Medicine
WED 162 Meditation & Wellness
WED 172 Overview of Herbal Remedies
WED 176 Flower Essences
WED 181 Essentl Oil Prop & Formulatn
WED 195AA Spec Topics:Welness Edu
WED 195AB Spec Topics:Wellness Edu
WED 195AD Spec Topics: Wellness Ed
WED 218 Aromatherapy

REC Courses

Course Course Name
REC 120 Leisure & the Quality of Life