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Counseling Department

Courses in the Behavioral Health Sciences Program teach students how to deliver basic, specialized and comprehensive services in areas of counseling, psychology, mental health, psychiatric care and human services.

Students with a BHS associate degree or certificate may find employment as parent aides, family advocates, respite caregivers, psychiatric aides, mental health technicians, often in residential care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, or public health agencies.


BHS instructors at GCC hold master's level and advanced degrees in their fields and bring real-world industry experience to the classroom. 

BHS Courses

Course Course Name
BHS 101 Introduction to Ethical Counseling Issues
BHS 105 Introduction to Human Relations
BHS 115 Group Dynamics
BHS 130 Chemical Dependency
BHS 151 Communication Skills in Counseling I
BHS 156 Supervised Practice I
BHS 168 Hospice Volunteer Training
BHS 204 Counseling in Multicultural Setting
BHS 205 Therapeutic Models
BHS 215 Group Process


CPD Courses

Course Course Name
CPD 096 Personal Success in College
CPD 102AB Career Exploration
CPD 102AD Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior
CPD 102AF Human Sexuality
CPD 102AH Stress Management
CPD 102AN Anger Management
CPD 103BL Dynamics of Leadership
CPD 104 Career & Personal Development
CPD 115 Creating College Success
CPD 150 Strategies for College Success




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