Chemistry students get hands-on experience in the lab at GCC.

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Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry, the study of matter and energy and their transformations, helps us understand the physical world and our impact on it. Chemistry answers questions like:

  • Why does ice float? Watch this video for the answer.
  • Where do the colors in fireworks come from? Watch this.
  • How do electric cars work? Explore a fuel cell.
  • What do lumber and pasta have in common?

Enroll in chemistry classes to begin working toward an associate’s degree in Biotechnology or Molecular Biosciences, or to finish general science requirements before transferring to a bachelor’s degree program.

Employment Outlook

Chemistry is important basic knowledge for many professions. People with chemistry backgrounds become chemistry teachers, scientists, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, veterinarians, and health care professionals. Explore careers in chemistry and learn what chemists do at the American Chemical Society College to Career website. Learn more about chemistry careers and employment trends at ONet Online.

CHM130 or 150/151?

Students often wonder which entry-level chemistry class is the best choice.
Take CHM130 if you:

  • Have never taken a Chemistry class
  • Have not taken CHM130 or high school chemistry within the last 5 years
  • Take the Chemistry assessment test and place into it

Take CHM150/151 if you:

  • Have passed CHM130 or high school chemistry with a “C” or better within the last two years and meet minimum requirements
  • Take the Chemistry assessment test and place into it

See course descriptions for all CHM classes in the Maricopa Find-a-Class tool, and course outlines and descriptions at the Maricopa Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation.


CHM courses at GCC transfer to ASU, UofA and NAU, and may fulfill pre-determined requirements. See the CHM Course Equivalency Guide for details.


Course Course Name
CHM 090 Preparation for Fundamental Chemistry
CHM 107 Chemistry & Society
CHM 107LL Chemistry & Society Lab
CHM 130 Fundamental Chemistry
CHM 130LL Fundamental Chemistry Lab
CHM 150 General Chemistry I
CHM 151 General Chemistry I
CHM 151LL General Chemistry I Lab
CHM 152 General Chemistry II
CHM 152LL General Chemistry II Lab



Building: Physical Science (PS)