Healthcare Technology Systems degree and certificate

Healthcare Technology Systems

A digital healthcare revolution is here, increasing demand for new technologies that guide physician and patient behavior. Medical professionals have turned to fully computerized charting and billing. Patients are using web portals to access medical records.

Hospitals, insurance companies, billing services, medical practices, and public agencies depend on technology to support efficiency, financial stability, and patient satisfaction. 

This is creating a huge demand for health information technology (HIT) experts.

To meet that need, GCC and PVCC are pioneering an AAS degree and certificate* in healthcare information technology. The first class, Introduction to Healthcare IT & Systems (HTM150) will be available online, Fall 2015 through PVCC. Subsequent courses will include a mix of IT and healthcare, covering programming, data integration, web design, database management and more – all to prepare students for what’s coming next in healthcare IT.



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