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Citizen Scientist Opportunities

The public is invited to contribute to scientific research gathered in your community.  Below you'll find lists of research projects that "ordinary people" can contribute to (e.g., reporting the types of birds seen in your own backyard, or when migratory insects show up in your area), hence the name Citizen Scientists.

There are even ways you can contribute from your home computer, tablet or smart phone.  For example, scientists have recorded hours and hours of footage using hidden cameras in wilderness areas of Africa, of city wildlife, and condors and they need your help logging that footage, which means logging the names and quantity of animals in each "still", and what are they doing.

Other scientists need help transcribing handwritten field notes (e.g., lists of birds or insects recorded by naturalists from previous centuries) or historical documents (like letters from scientists) into digital format.  "Many hands make light work!"

All that data from all over the world provides information that research scientists can analyze in meaningful ways (without having to do all the "legwork" themselves). That data analysis can help scientists make discoveries, monitor changes in a quantified way, and even shape public policy. Some of these websites also pose innovation challenges with monetary prizes. So get involved!


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